Is this what a classroom SHOULD look like in Australia?

- December 12, 2013 2 MIN READ

I love some of the things happening in the education sector right now; it seems that there is a growing consensus within Generation Y that, on the whole, traditional education never really gave us a well-rounded view of the real world and as such many of us have fallen prey to some harsh life lessons when it comes to work, money and … well, life.

A new player on the scene Kids at SWITCH are looking to change that by filling in the gaps that are not taught at school in a fun, interactive and experiential way.

Drawing inspiration from influencers such as Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffett, Sir Ken Robinson and Finland’s education system, Kids at SWITCH has been heralded as a novel and modern educative ‘playhouse’ which has attracted the attention of schools, kindergartens and parents across Australia.

None of that pretend shops BS with monopoly money here bitches!

None of that pretend shops BS with monopoly money here bitches!

They base the programs they run on six core values:

  1. They believe the traditional education system is obsolete
  2. No textbooks, exams or homework
  3. They don’t care about immediate results
  4. Lessons should be repeated
  5. They want participants to fall early
  6. They focus on the things that won’t change

Founded by Jamie Lee, the company prides itself on preparing children for jobs that don’t yet exist – a powerful and eye opening statement if I have ever heard one. The courses run just like the real world; students have to rent or buy a chair to sit on, if they cannot afford that, they sit on the floor until they can afford one. Activities all relate back to a real world usage of mathematics and business culture. Kids are able to invest money, raise money, decide on whether bootstrapping is a better option and test their ideas for viability.

Just imagine if you already had those skills when you decided to begin working on your startup; imagine if the correct frameworks were already existing within your subconscious.

Lee and her team are going to show us what that looks like, watch out, the SWITCH kids are gonna make us all look like amateurs!