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Brightcove video technology on Cloud Nine

- December 5, 2013 5 MIN READ

Brightcove Inc. is the pioneering disruptor of video technology, providing video cloud services to digital media and marketing industries. With more than 6,300 customers worldwide, and the fact that companies such as General Motors, The New York Times, Electronic Arts, Discovery Chanel, Puma, Philips entrusted Brightcove with the management of their video based web marketing, is the best indicator of the level of trust this company holds on a global scale. Recently announced partnership with NineMSN, one of the leading media companies in Australia is another demonstration of Brightcove’s dominance in the field of video cloud services.

But where did it begin? Prior to founding Brightcove in 2004, Jeremy Allaire joined Macromedia with its merger with Allaire Corporation – the first company to use the web as an application platform – where he was Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer. At Macromedia, he helped design and launch the Macromedia MX platform for Rich Internet Applications; and was part of the team responsible for introducing playback as a capability into the Flash Player.

He predicted at the time that video content was going to explode on the internet; so he gave up his tenure at Macromedia for further research in the area, while at the same time working as a technologist and entrepreneur-in-residence for Cambridge, Massachusetts-based venture capital firm General Catalyst.

Today, Brightcove’s most innovative product is Video Cloud, a powerful platform that enables easy and efficient video streaming management. Along with the company’s other product Zencoder, a cloud-video and HTML5 video processing tool, Video Cloud allows customers to quickly and easily upload any video content and store it on the cloud.

Video Cloud allows increased upload speed, up to 20 times faster in comparison to standard uploading protocols, such as the FTP. But perhaps the most important advantage that Video Cloud has to offer is fantastically facilitated and integrated upload of video content from any device to Video Cloud, and equally quick and accurate playback of the uploaded content on different devices – including PCs, smartphones and tablets.

Customers don’t need to worry how the uploaded video is going to perform in different computer browsers, smartphones, tablets, or even TVs connected to the internet. As soon as the content is uploaded, it’s automatically converted into web-friendly video format, which will perform glitch-free on any device that supports web-video playback.

Video Cloud’s ability to convert any video in format that can be accessed and displayed on devices using both HTML5 and Flash-based technologies is the key factor in enabling such flexibility and compatibility with such a vast array of devices. Video Cloud’s security protocols are also very reliable and efficient, providing not only easy management, but also a complete security of the online video content.

Mark Blair, Vice President of Media Solutions at Brightcove, says when the company was in its infancy, they envisioned video becoming “the most persuasive form of content on the internet”. But with the device landscape changing at an accelerating pace, and new devices being launched into the market nearly every month, it would be tough for media and digital marketing companies to stay up to speed.

“We don’t see this slowing down. There’s a war between device manufacturers, so we’re going to continue to see brands like Apple, Samsung, LG and Microsoft continue to invent new technology,” says Blair.

Aside from simple video upload and management, Video Cloud offers other functionalities. Users have access to detailed and accurate tracking and analytics of their videos over the web; easy integration with Facebook and other social media channels including YouTube.

However, one of the features that played major role in popularisation of Video Cloud is its ability to enable easy and powerful video-advertising integration. This is very important feature in today’s world, since the internet has become not just necessary, but very often a leading marketing channel for any company, regardless of its size and line of work.

“We think that technology isn’t something a media publisher or digital marketing company should be worrying about, and that’s where we come in. The reason we’re so successful is because we’re helping more and more media companies in getting their content – particularly, if it’s ad-funded – accessible on any platform whether it’s Xbox, PlayStation, Android, iOS or Windows. They need to maximise exposure of the content, so they can monetise it,” says Blair.

That doesn’t mean they rest on their laurels. Blair says they’re continuously investing in smart people in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

“It’s important to have the right people keeping on top of technology trends. We also work with smart customers who are always pushing us to innovate,” says Blair.

Furthermore, with the web being flooded with endless series of text-based news, articles, blogs, manuals, forum posts and other written material, people are shifting more and more towards more dynamic and engaging content, namely videos.

Brightcove’s Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Whatcott recently published a post on the company’s official blog, referring to a survey conducted on a subject of web video experiences and its influence on viewers’ attitude towards companies leveraging video technology.

He writes, “75 percent of consumers report experiencing some buffering and freezing when trying to access video content on YouTube”; and “when consumers are confronted with poor-quality video, they are 62 percent more likely to have a negative perception of the brand that published the video”.

The survey also reveals that “23 percent of consumers who have been presented with a poor-quality video experience would hesitate to purchase from the brand”. That perfectly illustrates the power of video in today’s web marketing. Not only that, there is some indication that not having a personalised video player and using YouTube hinders a company’s prestige, and also directly affects the sales made by the company.

NineMSN, a 50 percent Microsoft-owned company, and one of the leaders in the Australian digital-media market, announced not too long ago that it will be using Brightcove’s Video Cloud in the future. That is another addition to a vast network of companies using Video Cloud for the management of their video online content.

According to a release, NineMSN is using Video Cloud to enable integrated delivery of web-video content for over 80 different sites operating under NineMSN – including Nine News, The Today Show, A Current Affair, The Australian Women’s Weekly, Woman’s Day, Cleo, and Grazia.

Damian Cronan, Chief Technology Officer at Mi9, the company owned by Nine Entertainment Co. is quoted in the release “Video Cloud’s ability to deliver breaking news, long-form content and catch-up content across all devices without compromising the viewing experience has made an immense difference to our business”.

Blair says, “We have been with NineMSN since the launch of the Nine Newsbreak iOS App and have witnessed the strides in innovation NineMSN has taken” and that “With the changing ways that people are consuming content, broadcasters and publishers are constantly seeking out new opportunities afforded by the multi-screen viewing trend.”

The company is currently working on a number exciting initiatives. Blair predicts the growth of their recently launched live-streaming capability, that allows companies to conduct streaming of live events with less equipment and technology.

“Without this kind of technology they’d have to hire expensive equipment, a production crew, and live streaming technology experts. It can be very daunting. Our Video Cloud product is designed to make it cheaper, simpler, and more efficient to broadcast live events,” he says.

“We’ll never stop innovating. We’ll continue to stay up-so-speed with the latest trends in technology, and make sure we adapt our products to meet new demands.”

For more information, visit www.brightcove.com.