The Go Tribe harnesses the power of collaborative giving

- November 19, 2013 3 MIN READ

On the surface, The Go Tribe could be described as a charity, but in reality, it’s much, much more. It’s about taking a collaborative approach to change, and uniting individuals who want to create a positive impact using a simple premise: We get excited when we give together.

The idea itself is not a new one, but has a successful track record.  The movement was inspired by Ric Todhunter, who started a similar project when he invited a group of friends to give to a charity he profiled each month, rather than give him a 50th birthday gift. That group has collectively given a total of over $75,000 (and still rising!) to projects around the world.

David Dinkall was one of the original members of that group, and approached Todhunter about opening the concept up to a greater audience. He recruited Melinda Harvey, whom he has worked with in the non-profit sector in the past, and together, they set to bring Todhunter’s idea to the world. The team says, “We have a vision to grow a community of people being excited about the part they can play in changing the world together through generosity.”

Taking their time with extensive research, the Go Tribe Team surveyed a wide range of people about their giving habits asking a variety of questions such as do they feel philanthropy is important? Were they satisfied with how often they donated to causes currently? What stopped them from making donations?

The responses were incredibly encouraging. The surveys showed conclusively that we want to give, but the number organisations that ask us for support are so overwhelming, we often give less than what we want to, or avoid giving at all. Those surveyed also indicated that we don’t like to be locked into giving to one organisation for six months, one year, or however long. We want to be able to learn about and support a variety of issues, as opposed to putting down a credit card for a monthly deduction and walking away.

The Go Tribe took this information and ran with it to come up with their current model. Supported by a generous private donator and provided a domain name and website by GoodFunnySmart, The Go Tribe collects no money, but simply directs the community to different issues and organisations that are working to address those issues. The Go Tribe Community is then invited to support the project via a dedicated link to help achieve a collective impact goal.

Givers not only get to make an impact, they get to be part of a larger group that can make a greater difference than any one person could make alone. Put another way, what is normally a complicated decision, The Go Tribe makes very simple; See a project, absorb the information, and give as much as you like. No middleman, no lifetime commitment, and no overwhelming choices about how to give to what. Being generous becomes as simple as it ought to be.

The team can’t reveal what their first support project is. That big news will come January 1st, 2014, via their website www.thegotribe.com, Twitter and Facebook feeds, just in time for those new years resolutions. All they can say at the moment is they will cover a variety projects with a range of international, national and local initiatives. The monthly project will fall into one of four categories, called ‘Go Zones’: Life as we know it, Children and Young People, Community Builders, and Earth and Environment.

For more information, or to support The Go Tribe in their quest, check them out on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.