The art of time management

- November 14, 2013 2 MIN READ

Do you feel rushed? Stressed? Do you wish there were more hours in your day? Do you struggle to get everything done? 

As a business owner we have all sorts of things to juggle and multitask and in order for our businesses to move forward it’s extremely important to develop our organisational skills to cope with everything that is thrown at us. It seems we are a nation of time jugglers with our favourite saying being ‘I have no time!!’

With so many tasks to juggle we must be careful not to let our balls drop, especially if we have plans to continue growing.  Learning how to manage our time more effectively will not only make you feel more confident and calm, it will allow your business to move to the next level and work towards achieving your goals.


I’m not sure if I am confident enough to call myself a ‘Master of Time Management’, but one things for certain. I try my very best!  My life is non-stop. With a new baby, 4 companies and a partner to keep happy this is one area of my life I really invest time into to ensure I keep my head above water AND I still get time to rest and have fun.

I believe learning how to juggle your time comes down to simply being smart.  It’s about breaking down your days and knowing WHAT you are actually spending your time on.  Otherwise, hours each week are wasted on jobs that should be delegated or left for another time.

Here are my tips to become a Master Juggler:


Instead of waiting until Monday morning to make your plan, spend one hour each Sunday to organise your week.  Write a to do list, plan your calendar and speak to anyone you need to so that when you walk into work on Monday you are already focused and ready to hit the ground running.


Instead of making it up as you go along make sure you break down your days into blocks.  This makes it easier to prioritise and focus on one thing at once.  Prioritise your tasks then set an alarm on your phone when its time to move on to the next one.  Easy!  Not only will your work be better quality, you will feel less stressed and more confident.


Don’t waste time on responsibilities that don’t help your business achieve its goals.  For one whole week complete a time audit and log everything you do on a day to day basis.  You will notice a whole lot of jobs that you are wasting your valuable time on. DUMP THEM or DELEGATE THEM!  Know what is important to your business and put your time into them.

This should help…


Urgent Important Matrix

So, what are you waiting for? Spend some time to get organised and I guarantee you will see fast results. Good Luck!