Does your startup need $100,000 in funding?

- November 1, 2013 < 1 MIN READ

Over the last few months Benjamin ChongAri Klinger and Garry Visontay have been meeting with members of the Sydney startup community to talk about the new Sydney Seed Fund. Today it has been announced they are now officially in business, with investors having put in already $1.9 million into the fund. The trio are still open for more investment for a little while longer.

They will be investing between $50k and $150k in businesses that are seeking investment at the seed stage. This means they can be pre-revenue. We like businesses that have some form of prototype or proof of concept, both technical and business cofounders, and the opportunity to scale.

They are aiming to invest in 20 companies with approximately $100,000 be invested in each company. In addition to the cash investment, the Sydney Seed Fund will also be providing the following things to those companies in their portfolio.

  • Access to next round funders both in Australia and internationally, including the US and South-East Asia.
  • Access to customers, service partners, strategic advisers and experienced mentors.
  • Business expansion opportunities from associations with high profile investors, expert advisers and mentors.
  • Opportunities to share experiences and learnings with other founders. We hold informal monthly get-togethers for all founders.
  • Improved access to exit opportunities, including direct access to potential acquirers.

To Apply and find out more information, check out this link!