Sneakr joins the Creep App Club

- November 1, 2013 < 1 MIN READ

Remember Titstare?

Well it seems that people are still yet to learn their lessons when it comes to making fun applications for smartphones. I would wager a bet this one isn’t going to stir up as much outrage as its boob focused partner though.

Sneakr gives a whole new meaning to taking that sneaky phone pic for your personal viewing pleasure, by blasting it out for the world to see. The subject? Hot Guys of course!

The founders have kept themselves out of the spotlight on this one, so I can not work out whether it was made by women or gay men. It brings up a lot of questions though around privacy and well, common bloody decency though doesn’t it? Will really ridiculously hot guys mind having their photo taken and shared everywhere?

Probably not.

The app even gives you some pointers on who you might want to snap!

  • The hot jock who goes for a run when you do? Snap him.
  • The cute guy on the subway platform? Post him.
  • The new guy your friend met at the bar? Share him.
  • The hairy guy with manboobs and nice personality? Wishful thinking, but this app is clearly not made for snapping me.