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Opportunity for aspiring startup founders to disrupt failing industries

- November 13, 2013 2 MIN READ

New research from Australian business review website, WOMO.com.au, has uncovered Australia’s top 10 worst online reviewed industries when it comes to customer satisfaction. What better time for aspiring entrepreneurs to jump on board and shake up the industry?

Based on which businesses received the least ‘stars’ across quality, service and value, WOMO.com.au mined data from its 350,000 reviews published over the past six months across its 550 featured industry categories.

B2B professional services rank the worst for overall consumer satisfaction with advertising and marketing services scooping the title as the worst reviewed industry on WOMO.com.au. This was followed closely by real estate agencies, employment and recruitment agencies and website developers and hosting sites.

“Where it goes wrong within these industries is that many owners tend to think of their business as a series of one-off transactions. They push hard for the sale and forget that the customer’s experience matters,” said Fiona Adler, Founder of WOMO.com.au.

“No-one likes the hard-sales approach, even if the business is offering a great deal, consumers become discouraged to the point of frustration and that’s when they turn online to voice negative opinions.”

So what does this mean? Adler says consumers will “shout from the rooftops when they have an emotional connection with a product or service”, meaning now is a good time to overhaul the top dogs of the industry and offer something different. Launching a startup is by no means an easy task, but if you’re willing to take on the challenge, consumers will be receptive to better alternatives.

Of course, some entrepreneurs have already jumped on the bandwagon, having spotted an opportunity to eliminate an industry’s persistent customer pain points. Check out the following list to see which industries are doing it all wrong.

Worst rated industries for consumer satisfaction:

1. Advertising and Marketing Services

Startup Solution: Hoochcreative.com.au – a creative agency bringing together marketing professionals, content writers, designers and coders into one room, offering startups and established businesses a full strategy package that includes branding, marketing and web development.

2. Real-Estate Agents

Startup Solution: OpenAgent.com.au – a service that helps people find a real estate agent to sell their property. The platform provides real-time real estate agent rankings and recommendations.

3. Employment and Recruitment Agencies

Startup Solution: Ureferjobs.com – an online platform allowing individuals to refer jobs to their peers and win significant cash rewards if the referral leads to a job placement. Businesses looking to employ also enjoy the benefits of a faster, cheaper and more reliable recruitment process.

4. Website Developers and Hosting

Startup Solution: Nothing that stands out.

5. Bathroom Renovators

Startup Solution: Oneflare.com – new online marketplace connecting Australians with local businesses (e.g. cleaners, electricians, plumbers, removalists, pest controllers, painters, accountants, renovators, landscapers, gardeners and more) that best suit their needs.

6. Fencing and Gates Suppliers

Startup Solution: Nothing that stands out.

7. New Car Dealers

Startup Solution: Carmooch.com.au – automotive social network, designed expressly for the next generation of tech-savvy, always connected car buyers and owners. You can see what the community is saying before going ahead and buying a car.

8. Removalists

Startup Solution: Oneflare.com

9. House Cleaners

Startup Solution: Oneflare.com

10. Telecommunications

Startup Solution: We desperately need one.

When it comes to all-round customer satisfaction, it seems our pets receive the most superior service with vets and animal treatments rated as the number one positively reviewed industry on WOMO.com.au. Cake services ranked a close second on the list; and Australian healthcare services are also commended for their exceptional service, with osteopathy clinics and hospitals featuring third and fourth on the list respectively.

Top rated industries for consumer satisfaction:

1. Vets and Animal Treatments
2. Cake Services
3. Osteopaths
4. Hospitals
5. Butchers and Fish Shops
6. Chocolate Shop
7. Wedding Florists
8. Civil Celebrants
9. Wineries, Wine Bars and Breweries
10. Lingerie and Sleepwear