Never lose your luggage again with new technology LugLoc

- November 7, 2013 2 MIN READ

If you’re one of 42 million passengers in the world who’s faced the misfortune of losing your luggage while travelling, this technology might interest you. LugLoc is a luggage locator that uses GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) cellular signals to locate misplaced baggage in any airport in the world.

There’s nothing like starting your vacation overseas with none of your belongings. Statistics indicate that over 30 million bags go missing via transit every year worldwide, meaning that airlines are losing over 3,000 bags every hour. This inconvenience affects 42 million passengers annually; and some never get the chance to reunite with their belongings.

Thankfully, LugLoc is here to save the day. The small, thin device slips easily into any bag and tracks its movements. In the event luggage is lost or misplaced, you simply press the trace button on the LugLoc smartphone app (available to download from iOS and Android app stores) and the location of the LugLoc device will appear on a digital map. This information can then be used to help airlines find missing luggage.

Each LugLoc device is located using a mobile phone based GSM-GPRS transmitter and receiver. It relies on various means of multilateration of the signal from various mobile phone towers that are currently serving the device. This information is gathered, transmitted back to LugLoc’s servers and then transferred to a map on the smartphone app.

LugLoc has a Triaxial Accelerometer, which means the device automatically shuts off when in motion or under vibration. Once it is in a still position it will automatically activate by itself within 12 minutes. For this reason LugLoc does not interfere with any avionic system.

LugLoc is the size of a mobile phone and has a 40-day battery life. It weighs less than 40 grams and is FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) compliant.

Using this technology does not completely eliminate the nuisance of lost luggage, but affords the ability to recover your belongings.

LugLoc is priced at AUD$49.95 and is available to purchase online via www.lugloc.com.au or at David Jones stores. Upon purchasing a LugLoc device four complimentary traces are included. Further traces can be purchased directly through the mobile phone LugLoc app from US$0.99 per trace.