Ex-Yahoo!’s launch new startup Quixomatic

- November 1, 2013 2 MIN READ

Websites. Many people spend thousands on them before they even discover whether or not they are going to do what they want them to do. Building version one can often take a lot of dollars that small businesses don’t have and teaming this with project managing a developer when you don’t understand the language can quite often turn out to be, quite simply – a nightmare.

Four ex-Yahoo! employees are setting out to change that with their new venture Quixomatic, which targets socially active small business owners and allows them to create a lead generating website through using their facebook page. The sites are mobile-ready without the upfront costs of traditional web development or the ongoing time involved in maintaining DIY websites.

“With sustained increases in social media uptake by small business, many are evolving a ‘social- first’ approach to digital publishing to connect with their customers, but are missing out on the significant benefits of owning an active, up-to-date website” explains Brett Poole, co-founder of Quixomatic. “Launching a website is no longer hard work. At Quixomatic.com, you simply type in your Facebook business page and with one click our software creates a professional, mobile- ready website in seconds, then keeps it up-to-date for you automatically.”

But it is not just facebook that small business owners can use to create their content, the service allows users to connect to their other social media sites like instagram and YouTube, allowing them to keep the regular content being published to feed from where they engage the most with their clients.

The Key Features

  • Fast time to market – websites are built in 30 seconds and avoids the “blank canvas paralysis” of many website builder solutions in the market by leveraging pre-existing social media content and official imagery, contact and location data to create a fully- functional website.
  • Automatic updates – a key pain point of time poor small business is the ongoing effort to keep their sites up to date via a standalone content management system (CMS). This overhead is entirely removed by using a “Social as a CMS” solution like Quixomatic.
  • Seamless hosting – no need to worry about deciphering hosting contracts. All hosting set-up and charges are included in a low cost, fixed subscription price.
  • Conversion focus – Websites are not just about social media content. All websites have the capability for maps, directions, contact forms and click2call functionality to help turn visitors into valuable leads.
  • Affordability – avoid the traditional costly set-up fees and contracts with a flat, low cost, monthly software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription.

For the small business owner that wants a presence online with a simple website and their social media, this could be the ideal service. It will be interesting to see how the team develops the product as a increasing base of small business owners want just a bit more than an online presence and need features to connect and sell with their customers as the bricks and mortar economy continues to diversify.