Tiger Pistol: World’s first Crowd Intelligence marketing platform

- October 29, 2013 3 MIN READ

Last week, Tiger Pistol launched the world’s first Crowd Intelligence marketing platform for small to medium-sized businesses, who can now leverage the power of Big Data when marketing themselves on social media. The application provides step-by-step instructions and scheduled activities across Facebook posts, promotions, advertising and more – with guidelines on everything from content to timing, advertising budgets to formats. It also retains the ability for small businesses to bring their unique personality by crafting their own content.

So how does it work exactly? Tiger Pistol is aimed initially at businesses with a Facebook presence. When customers sign up, the Tiger Pistol engine captures information like type (of business), location, target customer, and the business’ current status on Facebook. It then generates a tailored social marketing plan for the business, by analysing millions of data points and identifying actions with the highest proven success rate for other businesses with similar objectives.

The 14-day plan is presented as a ‘To Do List’, with posts, ads and offers already created, configured and prescheduled. All the customer must do is fill in information unique to the business. The platform also helps with content creation, providing handy tips with examples of successful posts, ads and offers.


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Over the past 15 months, Tiger Pistol has provided a successful Facebook promotions platform for thousands of small businesses in over 100 countries. Now, with millions of data points available for analysis, Tiger Pistol’s new platform can guide small businesses through what to do and why they should do it, as well as indicate the outcomes they can expect from the action.

Understanding that businesses needs to generate returns on their time and money invested in social marketing, Tiger Pistol’s engine is designed to ensure businesses grow a sizeable audience of relevant and engaged Facebook users who are responsive to offers and promotions.

Steve Hibberd, Co-Founder and CEO of Tiger Pistol says “small business operators are the inspiration for Tiger Pistol”.

“When it comes to marketing, small businesses are often at a great disadvantage due to not being able to employ experts or engage quality agencies. We saw an opportunity to use technology to deliver a product that is super simple to use, relies only on the business operator knowing their business, and applies algorithms to volumes of data to ensure what they do is driven by what has worked for other businesses alike,” he adds.

“Where larges enterprises pay agencies thousands of dollars for their expertise, we offer a Crowd Intelligence platform using proven results that provides that expertise automatically for under $50 a month. This is the first time a business can affordably run a tailored, automated digital marketing program with a clear view of what it’s focused on achieving and why.”


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Tiger Pistol is a ‘Software as a Service’ product. The customer can try the product at no cost for 14 days, and if satisfied, will pay a monthly subscription fee of $45.

They also offer two service products. The first is a one-off “set-up product” offering that costs $295. In this offering, a Tiger Pistol consultant spends time with the customer for the first month to ensure they can confidently use the product.

The second is a ‘Content Pack’ offering that costs $450 per month. In this offering, a Tiger Pistol consultant will spend time with the customer to learn the ins and outs of their business, and will write content and manage posts, ads and offers on behalf of the customer.

Tiger Pistol recently closed a $1 million round of funding from Australian venture fund Rampersand and existing shareholders. The funding will finance the ongoing promotion of the platform and the establishment of a Silicon Valley office.

“Social media marketing has come of age and it’s time small businesses had a tool as powerful as those built for enterprises, but with clear simplicity. Tiger Pistol has not only built a great product, they have created a new category in marketing platforms and we look forward to supporting company through its rapid growth,” says Paul Naphtali, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Rampersand.

Mr Hibberd says customer feedback been very positive: “It’s so rewarding to see so many small businesses respond so well to our vision and the product offering we’re making available.”

“It’s also been extremely rewarding to see a team of high quality human beings come together from all different backgrounds and work together with a huge amount of enthusiasm and commitment to become the global leader in marketing technology for small business operators.”

Being a unique business, Mr Hibberd says Tiger Pistol “can’t rely on the tried-and-true marketing methods used by other businesses”. They will pulling out their own Facebook tricks to find, engage and convert customers, alongside “some really left-field” tactics that’s currently top secret.

In the upcoming months, the Tiger Pistol team will continue developing the product to include other social media platforms, and will be accelerating their go-to-market plans in Australia and the US.

To sign up or for more information on Tiger Pistol, visit www.tigerpistol.com.