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Rewardle partners with Uber to offer free rides in Australia

- October 18, 2013 2 MIN READ

Aussie startup Rewardle will be offering free Uber rides through its membership, points and rewards platform.

Rewardle is a mobile application that allows consumers to earn points and redeem rewards at their favourite cafes, bars, restaurants and more. Put simply, Rewardle is a digital update to the ubiquitous “buy 9, get 1 free” paper punch cards, so consumers no longer have to stuff loyalty cards into their wallets or worry about losing them.

This membership, points and rewards platform has been designed to create greater engagement between patrons and their favourite local merchants.

“We offer consumers convenience, choice and fun way to engage with their favourite local businesses while merchants receive the benefit of email, mobile and social media marketing opportunities combined with customer data and analytics,” says Ruwan Weerasooriya, Founder and CEO of Rewardle.

Rewardle works with each business to develop a custom rewards program that’s in line with the commercial objectives of the business, and reflects the business’ unique personality. For instance, at one café, while the typical free coffee is still available, customers can also choose to use their points to get a high five from the barista or a latté art lesson.

Rewardle will now be leveraging its platform to negotiate 3rd party rewards. Its first deal is a partnership with the premium car service Uber to provide customers at participating merchants with a free Uber ride worth up to AUD$40.

San Francisco-based technology startup Uber captures the elite limo experience and transforms it into an on-demand service that fits with an efficient and modern lifestyle. People in need of a ride simply request one of Uber’s town car fleet though a smartphone app. The app tracks the car that’s picking you up via GPS; and payments are made automatically through a stored credit card.

Weerasooriya says, “We’re delighted to introduce our members to Uber. Offering an Uber ride worth up to $40 for free with your coffee is a fantastic reward and our merchants have overwhelmingly welcomed this deal.”

He believes that partnerships are central to Rewardle’s mission to support independent small business owners with the business intelligence, marketing tools and promotional opportunities that have traditionally been the province of large retail chains.

“Large companies cross promote through programs such as Frequent Flyers, Flybuys, Everyday Rewards but it is difficult, if not impossible, for the little guy to play in these programs,” says Weerasooriya.

“The Uber partnership demonstrates that Rewardle not only services the day to day digital marketing needs of local merchants, we also open up a world of marketing and promotional opportunities for them that would not be possible if they were not unionised as part of our network.”

Rewardle has been working on a pipeline of partnership opportunities that will be announced over the upcoming months.

“This partnership is just the start of the value that we believe can be unlocked in the local business space. It’s early days for us but the bigger the Rewardle merchant network grows the more powerful our negotiating power will become and the better the outcome we can achieve for our merchants and members,” says Weerasooriya.

Visit www.rewardle.com for more information.