Gen Y creative agency on the hunt for innovative startups

- October 31, 2013 2 MIN READ

Creative agency Hooch Creative brings together marketing professionals, content writers, designers and coders into one room, offering startups and established businesses a full strategy package that includes branding, marketing and web development.

The under-25 team at Hooch Creative are currently on the hunt to work with new and exciting ventures in Australia. As a new business launched just five months ago, Hooch Creative know all too well how challenging it can be for startups to get off the ground and generate brand awareness.

Hooch Creative started out as a technology-focused company taking care of a business’ design and development tasks. But they evolved when they realised businesses need more than just a technical solution.

“We realised that businesses struggle with outsourcing different tasks, so we wanted to provide an all-in-one solution – design, branding, web development, marketing, and more,” says Alex Tassone, Founder of Hooch Creative.

Only 22 years of age, Tassone bootstrapped the business, spending $15,000 from his own pocket to build a Gen Y creative agency with 12 workers.

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Hooch Creative team

Though they’re a young, tech-savvy team, they’re implementing traditional marketing strategies – branding themselves on coffee cups and creating street art. That’s not to say they’re not generating buzz across social media channels, but they wanted to demonstrate their core artistic talents.

Tassone says his great achievement throughout the process has been keeping clients satisfied and building a closely-knit company culture.

“Clients see us as a part of their team rather than an external company to outsource to,” he says.

“But my biggest achievement is creating a positive workplace where everybody appreciates each other. Because we’re all in the same age group, we understand and relate to each other well.”

But being so young also mean it’s harder to build credibility – especially when there are players in the market who’ve been in the business for much longer.

At the same time, being young is their biggest advantage, as they’re able to bring big bursts of energy and a fresh perspective into everything they do.

It’s not a major impediment. If a client compares us to a more experienced design agency, then we have to work harder to prove ourselves. But we have plenty of energy, enthusiasm and talent. At the moment, though, we’re only a small fish in the pond,” says Tassone.

The biggest challenge Tassone has faced as a business owner has been keeping his team on the same page, when it comes to their underlying mission.

“We’re all strong and spirited, but as a team we have to work towards the same goal. We have to be on the same wavelength,” he says.

Tassone says businesses today focus on “the more digital” ways of marketing their products and services. He believes that traditional methods, if executed well, can be just as powerful.

“Digital is fashionable at the moment. But I don’t think we should overlook things like street art. Everyone walks down the street, and a good design will catch any pedestrian’s eye. We should be looking at the old and the new,” he says.

For more information on Hooch Creative, visit www.hoochcreative.com.au.