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Geepers challenges creative thinkers to come up with the best app concept

- October 2, 2013 2 MIN READ

Geo-location startup Geepers this week launched The Geepers Challenge 2013, a competition where creative thinkers across NSW have the opportunity to establish a technology startup of their own. Participants also have the chance to win other prizes in return for designing and presenting the best concepts for web-based or mobile applications that are fundamentally “powered by Geepers”.

There are no limits for what you can propose, as long as the idea relies on the Geepers Name Server (Geepers’ database of user-generated nicknames for geophysical locations). The Geepers API will be made available to developers, but you don’t need to have technical expertise to enter the competition.

“It’s not about building the app or website – though you are welcome to. It’s more about exploring your ideas for applying Geepers’ vision to everyday life and presenting them persuasively,” says competition manager, Shahe Momdjian.

Why The Geepers Challenge?

The Geepers family like to position themselves as “a startup FOR startups”. Momdjian says they’re “an enabling technology, rather than a one-model business.”

He continues, “With myriad possible applications around the world, one company cannot hope to explore them all. In fact, we are constantly having other people think of clever new ways to use Geepers that we hadn’t thought of…so we created The Geepers Challenge.”

“A paradigm-shifting, and dare we say it, game-changing technology like Geepers is only as good as its applications. These applications need to be explored collaboratively with the people who stand to benefit from them.”

The company is therefore inviting students, developers or anyone else with an innovative idea that can be “powered by Geepers” to start building their applications in collaboration with the company.

“We want to help incubate a great number of ideas that stand out to our judges, backers and friends. The Geepers Challenge will not only be a collaborative campaign to encourage and assist budding entrepreneurs, but a continuous learning experience on the unrealised potential for Geepers,” says Momdjian. 

Ultimately, the company would like to see people around the world building their applications on the Geepers platform.

“Only through a greater number of people understanding the potential for Geepers, can the Geepers revolution take hold on a global scale. It may be a little ambitious, but with the public’s help, we’re confident that this young Australian startup can tell the world where to go!”

The Geepers Challenge 2013 is their first step in that direction – building a community around the brand and collaboratively exploring the true potential of the global Geepers disruption. The more ways there are to use Geepers the faster and wider the startup will be able to penetrate into the global market.

What will winners gain?

Winners will not only receive a cash prize, but also mentoring and assistance to help commercialise their idea, as well as gaining access to Geepers’ valuable networks and resources.

“If ideas comes along that really excite people and shows potential for global impact, we’ll work with the team that proposed it to actually build and launch it. Being a startup ourselves, we know a thing or two about that,” says David Whitfield, Founder of Geepers.

Those looking fondly upon the opportunity to start the New Year with their very own Geepers-driven technology startup can register their details here. More information on the competition is available on the Geepers competition blog.

Entries close 27th October and should be submitted via email to Geepers.