A case of the Wantrepreneurs!

- October 24, 2013 2 MIN READ

I’m going to launch my business in the next few months.

It’s almost the end of the year, so it makes more sense to just have a clean start and kick things off in January.

Actually I will start it in July, makes more sense to begin at the start of the financial year.

I will do it tomorrow, it’s already 3.00pm and I need to prepare a sales list before I can actually call anyone.

Look at my new business … Hey this is my NEW business … Hey guys I have just started another fucking business – my fourth in six months.

Welcome to the world of the Wantrepreneur. You all know one, if you don’t, you probably are one. And for us “genuine” entrepreneurs, they just do our head in! Am I Right?!

Because never before have any of us – you know, the “genuine” entrepreneurs – ever procrastinated instead of getting shit done, or told anyone that we would launch on a certain date only to have that date delayed by weeks, and none of us would ever forecast to do a particular amount of revenue for the month, only to fall short and blame all the other “stuff” that came up in that month to scapegoat the fact that we really didn’t pull our finger out and work bloody hard enough.

Oh wait.


Somebody call the doctor, I think I have a case of the Wantrepreneurs!

Let’s be honest we are all guilty of having a little wantrepreneur in our life, what we need to do is realise that we are having one of those moments and bitch slap ourselves the hell out of it. I know this month I have had more moments in the [wantie] club than is productive to my business. And those moments are not ok.

Wantrepreneur moments breed more moments of the same and before you know it, getting things back on track becomes a chore.

Let’s learn to recognise the early signs. Let’s kill the wantrepreneur.