Warrior Pack brings novelty into the health food and supplement industry

- September 9, 2013 2 MIN READ
Warrior Pack brings novelty into the health food and supplement industry

If you’re one who’s ever felt overwhelmed by the plethora of products available in the health food and supplement marketplace, Warrior Pack is here to save the day. The soon-to-be-launched e-commerce store delivers novelty boxes of handpicked products to your door every month, allowing you to decide what works for you without spending a heavy buck.

Entrepreneur Michael McEwan noticed consumers were often left puzzled on which pre-workout protein snacks or energy supplements would be worth buying. They had no way to test products cost-effectively and was left to second-guess which would be best suited to their health and fitness purposes. This gave him the idea to start Warrior Pack. Rather than buying a full-sized product that costs $30 to $40, Warrior Pack offers a monthly novelty box starting at $20 for the consumer to try 7 to 10 different products – keeping things “fresh and simple so you can smash your goals”.

“It’s putting the power back into the hands of the consumer. They’re getting a box every month with a range of products to try and there’ll be plenty of information accompanying the product. Once they know what works and what doesn’t, they can then buy the full sized product, or just continue trying different products every month,” says McEwan, Founder of Warrior Pack.


Warrior Pack Art

Warrior Pack’s Facebook page has generated 600 likes in under two weeks, and attracted positive feedback from pre-launch customers who’ve expressed enthusiasm towards getting their first novelty box.

“The response has just been amazing. People are already interested in buying before the business has even kicked off. It really does validate my business idea, and motivates me to launch it as quickly as possible!” says McEwan.

Thus far, McEwan has spent $200 on the website, and doesn’t expect to be spending more than a total of $1000 by the time it launched officially in October. The next spend will be on pre-launch orders and shipping.

He will be embarking on an ambitious marketing mission, trying to get as many influencers on board to help promote Warrior Pack. McEwan says he’ll be targeting popular fitness trainers and models who have a following of 30,000 to 50,000 acolytes.

Once he builds strong relationships with these influencers, McEwan plans to offer a range of exclusive novelty boxes named after the trainer or model on board with the mission, who will select their own box of products based on personal preference.

Warrior Pack will also be offering custom boxes where the consumer can pick their own selection of samples.

No challenges have been faced during the development and pre-launch phase, though McEwan acknowledges challenges arising in the future – particularly in regards to the logistics of shipping and other variables that come into play when running an e-commerce store.

Take a peek of the site via www.warriorpack.com.au and like Warrior Pack’s Facebook page for updates on the launch.