Vie Active fuses fitness and fashion

- September 30, 2013 3 MIN READ

Women no longer have to make a conscious decision each day whether they would rather be “fit” or stylish”. Vie Active provides women with technical, high-quality fashionable active wear with the mission to inspire and empower women to live active lives.

Launched in May, Vie Active’s sports apparel uses a unique fabric and the ultimate performance fibre – Merino wool. Merino wool is naturally temperature regulating, anti-microbial, shape retaining, moisture wicking, and odour resistant.   

“It’s not only super soft and breathable on your skin but it also allows you to be dry, stink-free, and just as comfortable after the most demanding run, yoga, or boot-camp session,” says Noa Ries, Founder of Vie Active.

“We decided to push the envelope by integrating high definition prints into the Merino fabric to fuse fitness with fashion and function and as a result, our clothes truly do look and feel just as good on the studio as they do on the street.”

Noa Ries has always been an active woman who loves the adrenaline of working out. She left her advertising sales executive job to become a personal trainer. 


Vie Active sportswear

Initially, she bootstrapped the business, as it gave her the autonomy to execute her vision; but recently, she received funding from investors.

“We have recently received an injection of capital to help us grow, develop new lines and expand into new markets. It’s important to us that any investment aligns with our direction and vision,” 

According to a research conducted by Forbes.com, the global sports apparel market was worth $135 billion in 2012, and the market is expected to grow at a 4 percent per annum from 2012 to 2019. Ries is set to gain a small, yet significant slice of that market by 10 years from now.

Following her epiphany, Ries spend two years researching the market and looking into different fabric options.

“Since we decided to just start with tops, it became clear very quickly that Merino fabric was really the best performance fabric for our purpose. We connected with the Australian Woolmark Company, and through their guidance and support have been able to utilise the best quality manufacturers and printers,” she says.

She adds that there was a lot of trial and error in the initial stages of the business when she was trying to get a premium quality product that she could be proud of and know that customers would embrace.

“At each point we have looked at every decision of the business as customers (and whether we would love it and buy it) since we really do represent the target market,” says Ries. 

From the very beginning, she we set about building a community of ambassadors – called the Vie Activists – who embody the brand and help evangelise the product in a genuine way.

Vie Active also has a health and fitness blog where the team post lifestyle content to allow customers to engage and associate themselves with the brand and the lifestyle they represent.

The biggest challenge has been developing a premium product from scratch. Ries says printing high definition images onto Merino wool is incredibly complicated.

“We’ve spent months working with our amazing suppliers to achieve the perfect temperature that preserves the qualities of the fabrics and vibrancy of the print,” she says.

“Also, shipping products all around the world can sometimes be a logistical nightmare but we are now on pretty good terms with our Australian postman Tony!”

They are currently excited about their new collection which is in production and will available to purchase in mid-October.

In addition to their signature Merino Performance Fabric and classic leopard print they have introduced new prints as well as sports bras and tights in high quality compression fabric that is moisture wicking and lactic acid reducing, and block colour supplex which is fade resistant and breathable.

For more information, visit www.vieactivewear.com.