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Turning your idea into a startup in 5 weeks

- September 27, 2013 2 MIN READ

On Monday, a Melbourne pre-accelerator program NEXT will be launched to equip startup founders with the skills and tactics necessary to succeed in an accelerator program or early product launch.

The five-week NEXT program is taking place in Australia as part of the Startup Spring festival.

The program evolved from Startup Weekend, an independent global grassroots movement to build the basis of a startup over a weekend.

NEXT will put in place the next steps startups need to take to prepare for investment or launch with a well-designed curriculum combined with the expertise and experience of local mentors to help build successful startups.

The program will be delivered in three-hour courses over five weeks, using Steve Blank’s customer development methodology to focus on customer discovery, idea development, fundability, pitching, and launch strategies.

Steve Blank is a leading academic, investor and instigator of the Lean Startup movement that introduced the concept of customer development into the realm of entrepreneurship.

NEXT program event coordinator Leon Gouletsas says, “Most startups fail because they lack customers and a profitable business model. NEXT focuses on finding product market fit and customer development to build solid startup foundations, to get startups to accelerate and launch.”

“We’re proud to have assembled a stellar Melbourne-based mentor lineup which will give practical insights and tactical hacks to entrepreneurs  in order to build and invest in startups, along with directly advising future startups and opening their network of contacts to them.”

Alan Noble, founding board member of StartupAUS and Engineering Director at Google Australia, says it’s time for startups to take centre stage in Australia.

“With today’s focus on how Australia can maintain its wealth beyond the resource sector, there’s never been a better time for Australia to become the creators, rather than just the consumers, of technology.”

Mentors for the NEXT program include:

Next mentors

Curriculum structure:

Week 01: Customer Discovery

Week 02: Big Markets, Big Ideas

Week 03: Fundability

Week 04: Pitching Your Idea

Week 05: Go to market