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TiE Sydney hosting entrepreneur event with 'Go Asia' theme

- September 17, 2013 2 MIN READ

TiE Sydney is hosting entrepreneur event ‘TiECON Australia’ with the theme of ‘Go Asia’ on October 9. The ‘Go Asia’ regional conference will enable Australian entrepreneurs to qualify their potential in key Asian centres, connect with TiE Chapters, and get support to enter burgeoning markets.

TiE is the worlds largest not-for-profit entrepreneurial network with thousands of members worldwide and a market value of more than $200 billion. Once again, TiE Sydney is organising a conference for Sydney-based entrepreneurs to engage in a rich dialogue with a dynamic group of established entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, industry executives, and thought leaders over a day of networking, inspiring talks, expert panel sessions and idea sharing. 

TiECON 2012

TiECON 2012

A TiE Sydney spokesperson said startups in Australia could better address markets in Asia if they could quickly, easily and cheaply assess the potential for their product or service.

“Once the market and strategic fit is qualified, such entrepreneurs would then need to connect deeply with mentors, partners and investors to develop entry strategies, engage channel partners and fund rapid growth. The TiE Go Asia Entrepreneurs Program addresses this need.”

TiECON 2013 is bringing together key players in the Australian entrepreneurial ecosystem with TiE Charter Members from TiE Chapters in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The TiE Asian expert panel will be assessing the potential for each venture in their own markets and provide concrete feedback to each entrepreneur.

Each interested entrepreneur with a qualified opportunity in a specific market will be linked via the TiE Global System and the Gust platform to a mentor in that Chapter.

TiE will provide further support for these entrepreneurs in creating a business plan for expanding into the Asian market, seeking local partners and secure funding in their home and target markets. There is no obligation to follow through; entrepreneurs can decide for themselves if the Asian opportunity is attractive enough to pursue further.

The impressive line-up of international and local speakers include:

Paul Massey – Principal, Spruson & Ferguson

Phil Morle – Co-Founder, Pollenizer

David Thomas – CEO, ThinkGlobal

Julian Tol – Founder and Executive Director, Brandscreen

David Green – CEO, MYmyk

Dr Jana Matthews – CEO, ANZ Innovyz Start

Ned Moorfield – Co-Founder, goCatch

Josh MacKenzie – CEO, Development Beyond Learning

Geoff Germon – CEO, Talon Technology

David Landers – Managing Director, East Asian Growth Markets at Australian Trade Commission

Peter Huynh – Director, Optus Innov8 Seed Fund

John Lupton – CEO, Expatriate Connect

Deepak Natarajan – Director, Intel

Gour Lentell – CEO, biNu

Ty Pedersen – CEO, Red Carpet Ready

Mark Britt – CEO, Mi9 Group

Toni Wade – Marketing Manager, HKTDC

David Tickle – Sector Leader Urban Design, Hassell

David Mackay – Founder & Managing Director, Concourse Golf

Sunil Aranha – CEO, Sana International

Lisa Goodhand – CEO, China Blueprint

John Kueh – Co-Founder Accruto | Product Manager Pollenizer

Dr Khimji Vaghjiani – CEO, SolarGem | Founding President and CM TiE 

Dilip Rao – Founder, Ideas & Actions | President TiE Sydney

Ambika Malvia – Founder, OzCompare | Director TiE Sydney

Mathias Kopp – Co-Founder CoVest | Director Alliances TiE Sydney

Andrey Shirben – Founder SYD Ventures | Director Mentoring TiE Sydney

Patrick Mooney – Founder, Worldstage | CM TiE Sydney

Ravi Mantha – Chairman | President TiE Singapore

Iain Reed – Chairman, Co-Founder EFA | President TiE Hong Kong

The Conference will be held at Sydney Masonic Centre (SMC) located on 66 Goulburn St, Sydney.

For tickets, register on the TiECON site via www.tiecon.org.au.