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Thankyou's 'life-changing' products hit supermarket shelves

- September 23, 2013 2 MIN READ

A little over a month ago, Woolworths joined Coles in their decision to stock social enterprise Thankyou’s “life-changing” product range. Today, Thankyou Water has hit the shelves of Woolworths stores across Australia, and its food and body care range is scheduled for release next month.

Thankyou Co-Founder and Managing Director Dan Flynn predicts the next few months will be the most exciting in the organisation’s short history, now that the products are being rolled out across a majority of Australia’s Woolworths stores.

Flynn is particularly excited about the increased impact Thankyou will now make in the developing world.

“Thankyou products are currently benefiting thousands of people in countries like Cambodia, Kenya, Myanmar and Sri Lanka, but with the help of Woolworths customers, we will be able to assist hundreds of thousands, and then eventually millions, get access to food, water and hygiene solutions,” he says Flynn.

“We’ve worked incredibly hard to make our dream a reality. Thanks to the overwhelming support we’ve had from Australian consumers, we can now dream even bigger.”

thankyouThankyou products to be stocked include:

  • 1.5L Water (available)
  • 6x600ml Water (available)
  • Cranberry & Yoghurt Muesli Bar (late Sept)
  • Nut Bar (late Sept)
  • Hand Wash x2 (mid Oct)
  • Hand Lotion x2 (mid Oct)
  • Cranberry & Currants Muesli (late Oct)
  • Vanilla & Nut Muesli (late Oct)
  • Rolled Oats (late Oct)

Australians can now pick up a selection of Thankyou’s “life-changing” products at 7Eleven, Coles and Woolworths; and see the exact impact of their purchase through Thankyou’s reporting program Track Your Impact. Each product sports a unique code and once entered into the web app found at www.thankyou.co/projects, customers are provided the exact details of the project their purchase has been assigned to fund, complete with GPS coordinates.

What projects are being funded by Thankyou

Thankyou Water funds a range of safe water solutions across Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Burundi, India, Timor Leste, Kenya, Haiti and Uganda. The types of projects Thankyou works on with its partners include community wells, rainwater tanks, water pans, biosand filters and gravity-fed systems. Every Thankyou Water purchase provides at least one month’s worth of water to someone in need.

Thankyou Food projects are divided into Food for Now and Food for Future programs. Short-term food aid through Food for Now aims to address the immediate needs of communities that require urgent, emergency access to food aid. Food for Future programs involve agricultural, livestock and health projects that aim to improve the long-term food security and overall health of communities. Every Thankyou Food purchase provides a weeks’ worth of food to a person in need.

Thankyou Body Care funds projects that promote health and hygiene education amongst communities. These programs consist of educating communities in personal, food, water and household hygiene through a broad range of mediums (such as school-based curriculums, or community-led classes). Every Thankyou Body Care purchase directly contributes to one person receiving health and hygiene training.