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StartupGroovy offering new programme for budding entrepreneurs

- September 16, 2013 2 MIN READ

If you’re looking to get your startup groove on overseas, StartupGroovy is here to accommodate. Launched today, StartupGroovy offers a holistic solution for startups to keep their costs low while travelling abroad – including accommodation, office space and support from a community of entrepreneurs in various lean cities.

Founder of StartupGroovy, Filipe Cardeira, says the main idea behind the business is to facilitate the relocation of entrepreneurs to lean cities where they can put on their creative caps and transform their idea into a marketable product before showcasing it to local investors.

“It’s expensive to live in a corporate city like Sydney without an income stream. It makes sense to an investor to invest in a startup and put them in a lean city working rather than having them living in Sydney where the seed money invested is not going to last,” says Cardeira.

Currently StartupGroovy is charging AUD$1200 per month for relocating to Lisbon. The package includes accommodation, co-working space, utilities, Internet access, house cleaning and airport pick-up, as well as mentoring.

“We are renting out our own properties – and we include the human factor so that entrepreneurs can build strong relationships with the people they work with. The idea is to move to a lean city to develop a product in an environment with other entrepreneurs, not just see new places,” says Cardeira.

“We will also get investors to fund us to buy more property. We believe they will invest their money if we can show demand for our flats.”



StartupGroovy.com Screenshot

StartupGroovy’s main marketing strategy will be to attend events organised by co-working spaces and promoting the business face-to-face. 

“The investment startup community has noticed us and we are currently explaining the benefits of teaming up with us to allow more Australian startups seed funding,” says Cardeira.

“We are approaching the issue from the top, by talking to investors instead. We believe if the right message is delivered by industry peers, young entrepreneurs will be interested in the program.”

Once StartupGroovy establishes itself in Sydney, the business will be expanding into other countries and niches, offering the same program for writers and artists. 

For more information visit www.startupgroovy.com.