Rock A Buy Baby: Australia’s first video review website for baby products

- September 12, 2013 2 MIN READ

Launched in February, Rock A Buy Baby Reviews is Australia’s first website providing video reviews and “how to’s” on baby and toddler products. Only six months in business, their videos have received over 60,000 views worldwide.

As a qualified interior designer, Kristy Karhula always looked for great designs that lived up to the manufacturers’ claims. When she had her second baby, she found herself unable to find internal pictures of a nappy bag that caught her attention and spending most of her days and nights searching for independent reviews on baby products.

Mrs Karhula realised from her own frustration that she may not be alone; there may be many other parents out there looking for a reliable website where Australian baby products are tested, reviewed and shown in detail. From this Rock A Buy Baby Reviews was born.

When the site was first launched, Mrs Karhula’s target market was Australian families with newborns and toddlers. But three weeks in business, she noticed her viewers were largely from the US and UK. They’ve revised their target market to “any english speaking families worldwide who are hungry for information”.

“This was such a positive surprise and its sometimes so humbling to see where our viewers tune in from, quite a few non english speaking counties as well,” says Mrs Karhula.

Thus far, building the business has cost under $2000 and much of the equipment Mrs Karhula uses to create videos were already lying around the house. Rock A Buy Baby Reviews follows a “blog style” business model, generating revenue through advertising.

“We keep our lights on and camera running thanks to affiliate marketing we embed on our website,” says Mrs Karhula.

Because Rock A Buy Baby Reviews is a service-based business helping other Australian businesses gain greater exposure for their product, they help with the marketing.

“They also want to promote reviews across their social media and business networks,” says Mrs Karhula.

Given the videos are available on YouTube, most of their traffic comes through that network, shortly followed by Facebook and Pinterest.

“Much of the buzz around our business comes from YouTube – especially because video is emerging as the most engaging medium on the internet,” says Mrs Karhula.

Her biggest challenge was learning the intricacies of video production due to lack of prior experience.

“It’s one thing to come up with a great idea, but the process of making the good idea a great business is another thing,” says Mrs Karhula.

The plan for the upcoming year is to make Rock A Buy Baby Reviews the number one review site for baby and toddler products in Australia. Mrs Karhula also wants to partner with a larger Australian online baby store, so the site’s viewers have a place to go to buy reliable products.

Take a tour of the site via www.rockabuybabyreviews.com.au for more information or visit the Rock A Buy Baby Reviews YouTube channel.