It’s time for your business to GettBusy!

- September 4, 2013 2 MIN READ

Entrepreneurial mastermind, Alex Jeffery has a new product in the market that’s ready to get bricks and mortar businesses busier than ever. GettBusy is a suite of services and resources for small businesses who are yet to adopt new technologies.

GettBusy is currently targeting the trades sector – such as plumbers, electricians and carpenters – who are beginning to realise the importance of having an online presence for business growth and drawing in new customers. The platform delivers services including website design, mobile app development, graphic design, and video production.

“Our overarching mission is to make running a business as pain-free as possible,” says Jeffery, GettBusy Co-Founder and Head of Sales, Business Development and Marketing.

Alex Jeffery gettin' busy

Alex Jeffery gettin’ busy

“In today’s age, people want to be able to go to a website and click on what they want and not have to worry about what’s happening in the back end. That’s what we’re doing with GettBusy. Businesses just need to come to one platform and click on the products that they need, and we’ll do the hard work.” 

GettBusy was a bootstrapped venture. Jeffery explains that they received their first client from Sweden, who soon became a major client assigning them a series of large projects which brought in their startup capital.

“We’re providing them with a lot of development work which we wouldn’t normally provide, but it’s a very good way to bootstrap with that income and revenue stream,” he says.

A few weeks ago GettBusy pivoted, moving from fixed pricing to a subscription-based business model. Where previously clients would make a one-off payment for any of the available services, now they have to pay an upfront joining fee and monthly fee after that.

The reason for this, Jeffery explains, is that a lot of companies develop a website and leave the rest for the client to handle. But not all trades businesses are equipped with the skills to manage a website.

“You can have an awesome website but still have no business at all, if you don’t continuously work on it, keep it updated, and make sure it’s driving traffic. What we want to do is develop a long term relationship with our clients – so we’re not only giving them an awesome website, but also taking care of the updates, marketing, SEO and whatever else they need to be able to grow their business through the website. But to be able to do that, we need to charge for it.”


GettBusy offerings

Jeffery has not yet embarked on a direct marketing mission. He says that much of the business they get is through joint ventures and white label partnerships. But they have plans on leveraging their brand name ‘GettBusy’.

“We think the brand name itself is quite powerful because we’re helping businesses get busy. We’ll be conducting a lot of seminars, online and offline marketing around the idea of getting businesses busy and that now is the time to get busy,” he says.

While the site is still in beta mode, GettBusy already has over 40 clients. Once they establish themselves in the trades sector, they’ll be moving onto building a suite of products for consultants, accountants and financial advisors, and expanding from there as well.

Take a peek at the GettBusy video via www.gettbusy.com.

Jeffery has also just released his speaking and consulting services to both corporate clients and youth wishing to join the exponential growth curve either personally or professionally. More information is available via www.alexjeffery.me.