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Drive My Car Rentals offering special deals for startups

- September 10, 2013 2 MIN READ
Drive My Car Rentals offering special deals for startups

Australia’s largest private car rental marketplace is now offering flexible options across a wealth of different car makes – from the humble Holden Barina to the luxury Porsche – for budget-conscious startups.

Many cars spend the bulk of their lives idle in driveways gathering dust and cobwebs, but very little engine love. On the flipside, many drivers without cars want options beyond the standard white Toyota Corolla to rent.

Drive My Car Rentals unlocks the value of unused cars by acting as the intermediary between car owners looking to rent out their cars and drivers looking for cars to rent.

“We’re like the real estate agent for cars,” says Nathan Wade, CEO of Drive My Car Rentals.

“We now have a range of flexible, well-priced solutions for startups. Our service allows startups and small businesses to drive the cars of their choice, without being tied to long lease agreements.”

With 450 available cars today, Drive My Car Rentals is not only the key industry player but one of the first companies in Australia to embrace collaborative consumption – years before AirBnB started sending ripples through the market.

Four years ago, when Drive My Car Rentals was launched, search terms like “rent out my car” were uncommon. Today these keywords drive an enormous amount of traffic to the site.

Wade says they “created a market where there wasn’t one.”

“We’re evolving as a company and so is the market. When we were in the startup phase, the concept behind Drive My Car Rentals wasn’t appealing to many people. There was a lot of uncertainty on whether it would work in Australia but we’ve created a whole industry and now we have competitors like Car Next Door,” he adds.

Motor vehicles are now the second most popular assets to loan – with houses taking the top spot.

Drive My Car Rentals is now targeting startups and small businesses who want flexibility around their car options. 

“There’s nothing worse than showing up to a meeting with a potential customer in a noisy old machine,” says Wade. “With us, they can rent a BMW for a minimum of a week. We’re doing as much as we can to tailor our offerings to startups.”

It’s free for the owners to list their cars on Drive My Car Rentals, and for the driver cars can be rented from $20 a day.

“We collect all the payments, pay the insurer and take our cut of 21 percent. The rest goes to the car owner,” explains Wade.

Their immediate plans are to continue growing their corporate market. They plan to position themselves in the startup space, and build strong relationships with startup enthusiasts who can help draw in that market.

“We know how difficult it is to bootstrap startups and cars can be a big part of that. We want to help make things easier and more cost-effective for startups,” says Wade.

Visit www.drivemycarrentals.com.au for more information.