The Shoe String 3 Month Press Accelerator (new & one off)

- August 30, 2013 < 1 MIN READ

Shoe String Media as a part of a project for shoestring.com.au will be conducting a 3 month press accelerator, for 6 startups or upstarts that are ready to start talking to the media and getting their business profile happening.

During this three month period, Shoe String Media will be acting in the role of a PR Agency / Media Strategist for your business, including all copywriting, pitching, content creation and founder profiling in the media space in order to accelerate your brand.

In addition to this we will also be filming a behind the scenes guerilla documentry of this whole process that will be shown on shoestring.com.au demonstrating to the startup community how to build relationships and street cred with the media. Mat and the Shoe String Media team will looking at local and national media from a business perspective as well as building media profiles of the founders from a media perspective in consumer media etc.

The cost of this three month accelerator has been designed to be accessible by startups and small businesses. Because we are going to be filming a lot of content for shoestring.com.au we are just charging our basic costs for PR and Media related services such as copy writing and Shoe String support staff for the project.

This program will begin at the start in September and there are only 6 places as this will be a once off project, this is open to businesses in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane as we will be filming up and down the east coast only to keep the whole project tight.

We are also interested in startups seeking international media, to ultilise some of our international contacts as well.

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If you want further information you can reach Mat on 1800 755 188