The Coder Factory aims to build their workforce through education

- August 19, 2013 < 1 MIN READ

Formally of Sydney Dev Camp, founder of The Coder Factory, Peter Argent has launched his own new venture with a focus on capturing the part time education market.

The Coder Factory will begin offering part time courses from September 7th with a blended delivery education module incorporating online and in class Saturday sessions. The Coder Factory also has another side of their business where they will act as an agency for the startup space building new tech ventures for companies and founders needing to build a product to bring to market. Students will have the opportunity to work on these products whilst being paid for it after completing their part time studies with the company.

A selection of courses have been chosen to launch the part school / part agency with:

  • Web App Coder
  • Web App Coder Pro

And the school has a suite of courses coming soon that are more niche and focused:

  • Game Coder
  • App Coder for mobile devices
  • Junior Coder
  • Teen Coder
  • Mature Coder
  • Summer Coder Camp
  • Kid Coder
  • Javascript Coder

There are a few coding education companies starting to pop up around the place now in Australia, which is a great thing for the eco-system. As opposed to traditional university based degree’s what I really like about these type of schools is that they operate within the industry web and therefore are able to offer their students introductions and a higher chance of gaining employment afterwards.