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Startup experiences massive boom, hitting $10 million in crowdsourced projects

- August 1, 2013 2 MIN READ

Sydney-based startup DesignCrowd has just hit $10 million in crowdsourced design projects, proving that crowdsourcing is THE hottest trend in the market right now.

In the last six months, DesignCrowd.com.au – which specialises in crowdsourcing graphic design ideas for businesses from its community of 130,000 talented designers – has experienced tremendous growth in various geographies, services and segments.

“Reaching $10 million worth of projects on DesignCrowd is fantastic and our recent growth is extremely exciting. In our first year, DesignCrowd was run out of the garage and we made $20,000 of sales. We now do that in a few hours, and soon we’ll be doing more than $1M of projects a month,” says Founder and CEO of DesignCrowd, Alec Lynch.

The emergence of online crowdsourcing platforms has marked a transformation in the way businesses use ‘the power of the crowd’.

“We’ve seen demand for our design services double in the last six months with businesses wanting to crowdsource everything from logo and business card design to t-shirt and app design,” he says.

Designers have also been quick to embrace the trend, meaning that businesses can access more designers through a service like DesignCrowd than “if you door knocked every design agency in Australia, the UK and the US.”

DesignCrowd’s recent growth has been driven by:

1. Global demand for its service

DesignCrowd has seen a 120 percent increase in requests for crowdsourced design projects in the last 6 months including growth in:

  • UK (133 percent growth);
  • India (100 percent growth);
  • US (97 percent growth);
  • Canada (90 percent growth); and
  • Singapore (75 percent growth).

2. Demand for logo, web and graphic design crowdsourcing

DesignCrowd has seen strong growth in its core services in the last 6 months including:

  • 113 percent growth in logo design;
  • 89 percent growth in web design;
  • 116 percent growth in graphic design;
  • 317 percent growth in business card design; and
  • 121percent growth in t-shirt design.

3. Demand for Facebook, App and other design crowdsourcing

DesignCrowd has seen strong demand for new services including Facebook design, App design, PowerPoint design and book cover design.

With these numbers, it is no doubt that crowdsourcing is only going to become more popular around the globe.

“Crowdsourcing is disrupting global traditional design industry. We’re excited to be at the forefront of this wave of innovation,” says Lynch.

For more information on how DesignCrowd is helping businesses around the world, visit: www.designcrowd.com.au