Startup AEGLE Life revolutionises healthcare IT

- August 26, 2013 3 MIN READ

Named after the Greek Goddess of Radiant Good Health, AEGLE Life is set to disrupt the health care industry with their mobile and web-based applications that facilitate illness prevention, early detection and proactive intervention as opposed to reactive treatment.

AEGLE Life has embarked on a mission to help people live better and longer lives by providing high quality, accessible and affordable healthcare services through the use of new technologies, data aggregation and analysis in conjunction with innovative business models.

Their applications focus on: ongoing rather than episodic health monitoring; online and mobile rather than physically bound services; global rather than local data; and knowledge based on aggregated data from collective experience of users, not just the knowledge of individual doctors.

Launched in July 2013, the idea behind AEGLE Life was conceived by Co-Founders Jonas Tyle Petersen, Martin Staael, and Gry Stene who collectively have over 60 years of professional experience in the healthcare and software industries across Europe, Asia and Australia.

The entrepreneur trio spotted a gap in the market and decided to create AEGLE Life in response to “severely pressured, outmoded and inefficient current healthcare practices and systems.”

“Apps can play a huge role in giving individuals power over their health – providing them with their personal data, information, and direct access to professionals,” says Stene, AEGLE Life Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer.

“Over the coming years we see a huge opportunity in this space to give people early visibility of health indicators and empower them to take control and manage their own health and wellness.”

aegle life

Gry Stene and Jonas Tyle Peterson.

In the past decade of co-ordinating the strategic development of health IT in Denmark, CEO of AEGLE Life Jonas Tyle Peterson had the opportunity to observe developments and understand where the healthcare industry is headed in the future.

“Data-driven, personalised healthcare provision is only at its infancy today with the market for mobile sensors alone predicted to grow at over 60 percent annually according to Research2Guidance. Telehealth is now maturing and growing at 20 percent annually,” Stene explains.

AEGLE Life’s personalised mobile and web-based applications are serviced by a knowledge platform aggregating and analysing data from a number of mobile devices and medical sensors – like blood pressure monitors, weight scales, glucose monitors, thermometers, spirometers, activity monitors and oximeters.

Leveraging off these developments in healthcare technology, the company offers holistic solutions for individuals and healthcare providers. Healthcare providers like hospitals, medical clinics and GPs have access to comparable data and pattern-matching when diagnosing symptoms; or they can save money by outsourcing low-end services to AEGLE Life or other providers using the company’s infrastructure.

But they’re not the only market group to benefit from AEGLE Life’s technology. The company also provides value for healthcare payers like the government, insurance companies, and employers, who can help deliver more efficient healthcare services of better quality at a lower cost.

Providers of sensors and devices are also to benefit by gaining access to an integrated platform for selling their devices, as well as developers of applications who gain access to useful data and a sales platform.

As participants in the ANZ Innovyz START Accelerator Program, AEGLE Life is gearing up to raise investment to fast-track business growth.

“We are excited about our technology and the potential impact it can have, so while we have kept our costs under control during early stages as we roll out the platform we know we will need some investment to make sure our product touches as many people as possible,” says Stene.

AEGLE Life will be engaging patient interest groups to determine where the largest need exists and work with them to provide a tailored solution for their members.

They also plan to strengthen their relationship with key partners – including device suppliers and healthcare providers – to help roll out their applications to end-users and organisations who will benefit from them.

The company’s best asset right now is its international core team who have unique experience in healthcare IT, software product development and management of change processes.

“Our team also has a deep understanding of both business and government, public and regulatory spheres, which are of key importance to managing a global startup in a field as complex, heavily regulated and dynamic as healthcare,” says Stene.

The team plan to release their initial application to early customers during the accelerator program.

“This will demonstrate some of the end-user capabilities of the underlying extensible knowledge platform that we plan to release in a phased approach throughout the year,” says Stene.

For more information, visit www.aeglelife.com.