Tuteable prepares to come out of limited BETA

- August 9, 2013 2 MIN READ

Australian startup Tuteable is preparing to come out of it’s limited BETA phase very soon, launching a new and innovative micro-education solution into the market.

Tuteable allows users who have a time sensitive problem to connect with “tutors” that are able to solve that problem, through the use of video chat and a virtual classroom through Tuteable. The way it works is by crowd sourcing problem solving. Users bid to be the person to help you with your issue, or answer.

Tuteable came about because Adam Miller, co-founder & CEO, was stuck on a highly-specific SEO question and did what many people do in that situation he searched the internet for an answer. After hours of surfing through webpages, videos, forums, and blogs as well as even toying with purchasing expensive and lengthy online courses, he still didn’t have the answer he needed. What he wanted was to connect with an expert in the field and learn how to solve the problem through one-on-one interaction.

At the moment the business is boot strapped and does not plan in the short time at least to raise any capital. “I don’t plan on raising any capital at the moment” says Miller “We are pretty blessed to have a great team, with my two co founders who are both from technical backgrounds and myself who specialises in UX Design and Online Marketing, between us all we pretty much have all bases we need to launch covered”.

Whilst a startup like this has the potential to cover a really broad range of topics, the business plan in order to build the two sided market place in the beginning will be to have a narrow focus. “To begin with we are only going to concentrate on SEO, Online Marketing and Photoshop or Excel, we have gone out to the market and put in a lot of hours researching what people want and need. In addition to this, keeping focused will insure we learn how to manage our supply and demand making sure that we have enough experts to cover the demand” said Miller.

Tuteable launches in the coming weeks.