Launch apps to kickstart your startup

- August 16, 2013 < 1 MIN READ

Businesses need an easy-to-use launching platform, especially those who have no technical background. Find out how three web applications can help kickstart your startup.

So you have an idea, a domain name, but haven’t built your website yet?

There are some great applications that allow you to create a professional-looking coming soon page with speed and simplicity.

While you’re in the development stage, you can start generating some buzz around your business by incorporating an email sign-up widget and social sharing tools on the launch page.

After setting up the page and spreading the word, it’s good to be proactive and analyse your audience before your business is ready to kick-off full speed.

By collecting email addresses and other demographic information from your users, you can understand who your future customers are and their characteristic behaviours.

An email marketing campaign before the launch not only generates interest, but through that you can also examine conversions and open rates.

When your business is ready to launch, you’ll have already developed a solid business strategy.

We recommend trying LaunchSoonLaunchRock, and Prefinery.

And of course, let us know how things go.