Incredible ideas require incredible execution

- August 21, 2013 3 MIN READ

“Incredible ideas require incredible execution” is the value that governs the work of two Aussie entrepreneurs who have set the bar for quality mobile and web application development. Today, Appster is helping visionaries convert ideas into world-class technology.

Just two years ago in August of 2011, Appster was a two-person, bootstrapped startup grappling with the same challenges all startups face – funding and resources. They’ve now grown to employ more than 50 people in Australia and more than 100 in their own development facility in India.

So how did it all begin?

Josiah Humphrey and Mark McDonald were casually throwing ideas around while running a marketing agency back in 2011 when they saw potential in one particular idea – mobile and web application development with a user centric design philosophy and an agile development environment.

“We’ve always been passionate about building things. We were excited by the idea that in this new medium (mobile) we could build something from scratch, create something that’s never been done before,” says McDonald.

Compelled by the vision of what the company could become, the duo worked overtime and secured the funds needed to kickstart their business.

Appster is currently targeting startups who want their ideas transformed into reality and larger companies looking to innovate with their business model.

Since its launch, Appster has received widespread acclaim with 2DayFM funny guys Hamish and Andy publicly endorsing their service.  

In a statement, the comedy duo say “We had the chance to work with many developers to develop our app Frenemies, but Appster was our first choice. They were hard-working, reliable, and really helped us flesh our idea out into something even better than we expected. The quality of the application speaks for itself, we absolutely love it. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience, thanks Appster!”

Humphrey explains that the reason why Appster is first choice for so many entrepreneurs is because the team has a strong understanding of not only the technical nuances that make a quality product, but also business and growth.

“A lot of clients appreciate the certainty we give them. We look at the full picture, from the initial product, to market potential and how the product can be improved in the next 5, 10, or 15 years,” Humphrey says.

McDonald adds that given a majority of their clients have no technical background, Appster acts as a technical co-founder.

“As opposed to just developing the product and handing it over to the clients, we form close partnerships. We get our clients to think about the app as a business and that impacts the way they think about what they’re developing,” McDonald says.

“If you want to make a business out of your app, you need to envision what the app will be like in a year or two.”

By building such positive relationships with clients, the company inadvertently market their business.  

“We build good products and our clients refer us – that’s the most effective strategy,” says Humphrey.

Through their experience with clients, the duo believe the best way to market an app is to develop it in such a way that it inherently markets itself. 

“In Spotify, for instance, it will show your friends on Facebook what you’ve been listening to. So every time you play a song, it’s a mini advertisement. And with Whatsapp you automatically invite your contacts into the application, just by signing up and having their number saved into your phone,” says McDonald.

While the company is sailing smoothly now, there have been turbulence along the way. Humphrey says the importance of having a good team didn’t quite sink in until later.

“We didn’t necessarily understand how important it is to have the right people on board. The challenge for us is how do we get top talent to work for us, believe in our vision and be inspired,” says Humphrey.

The Appster team is currently working on a location-based payment system that has already generated some buzz.

Their long-term plan is to become the largest mobile and web-based applications developer globally, but first to become the largest developer in Australia’s startup and innovation space.

For more information, visit www.appster.com.au.