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Hipster CEO: iPhone game about running a startup

- August 14, 2013 2 MIN READ

No joke, there’s a new game to be launched sometime this year on iTunes where you get to run your own virtual startup – y’know, to see if you’ve got the CEO-factor.

Buzzfeed says “It’s basically two things: first, a simulation about running a startup, and second, a parody of the “hipsterdom” that’s hitting the tech startup scene.”

On the Hipster CEO site, it says you get to take charge of your very own startup and put your entrepreneurial skills to the test. You can choose your office space, negotiate salaries and handle investment offers, all decisions lie with you.

Is it meant to be a learning experience or is it just a fantasy land for ‘wantrepreneurs’ sitting on their arses day-dreaming about doing something amazing but not really taking any initiative?

I have a sneaking suspicion that the game may be social commentary on the startup scene. You may see what I mean, if you read some of the features of the game as mentioned on the site:

You’re the boss.

Hire that rockstar hacker & fire that dud developer. Buy a ping pong table for the common room. Throw a rager for the Christmas Party. Whatevs.

Take your time, hurry up.

So are you gonna bootstrap or venture capitalise this baby? It’s up to you, but remember that investors will want a return on their money & that might involve doing some work. Sheesh…

Power-ups for startups? Totes amazeballs.

You’re not alone out there bro. Maybe your Aunt Kay gives you a cool 5k to throw in the company. Perhaps you win entry to a startup accelerator or some tech rag features your company, doubling your traffic. Dig that.

Go mainstream.

You might be the introverted type but if you want anyone to know about your company then you’re gonna have to handle PR. Talk to journos, do the social media thing &, ugh, network.

Then again, it may just be fun and games for the teenager or university student sitting in class bored out of their skull, wondering whether there’s another way to be successful in life without having to endure the theoretical crapola that’s often fed through the education system.

In any case, it should be interesting. But right now, it’s all a bit top secret.