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“Hey, Fattie”: New app to shame women into losing weight

- August 5, 2013 < 1 MIN READ

Ever wished attractive men would make derogatory remarks to motivate you to lose weight? Didn’t think so. Nevertheless, there’s an app for that!

Yes, you heard that right! Fat-shaming has entered the app-sphere.

According to Cara Clegg of Mamas Latinas, there’s a Japanese app soon to be launched called “Nenshou! For Girls” in which you develop a romantic relationship with an anime character who’ll continuously shame you into losing every shred of your self-esteem, … sorry, I mean weight.

Because that’s what all women want, right? Sticking to a healthy diet and exercise regimen will be easier than ever with your virtual romantic interest calling you names until you’re pretty enough for the non-existent character.

In Huffington Post, Clegg is quoted saying: “In “Nenshou! For Girls” three gorgeous guys will give you the old carrot-and-stick treatment to encourage you on your weight loss journey. While you exercise, you can also enjoy a burgeoning relationship with one of the cast of ikemen (hot guys) who has been so romantically insulting you.”

On the bright side, the app does provide different workouts for women to follow. But what are we expected to look like in the end? Female anime characters? I’d imagine that would require plenty of plastic surgery and height extending procedures to be correctly disproportionate.

And besides, if you really wanted to feel bad about your body, you can just walk into a newsagent and flick through magazines such as Zoo Weekly. Duh!

The app could very well be a terrible joke. Then again, it may be a genuine effort to help women pursue a healthier lifestyle. Either way, fat-shaming is unacceptable whether in real life or automated through an app.

Feel free to avoid this app when it’s released later this month, unless you’re compelled otherwise.