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Great opportunity for non-for-profit startups with eftpos planning to donate $2M

- August 2, 2013 2 MIN READ

Under the 2013 eftpos Giveback campaign, electronic funds transfer system company, eftpos Australia wants to donate $2 million dollars to charitable causes – double the amount they donated last year.

eftpos is calling upon Australian charities to submit proposals about how they would use the donation to help Australians in need before the August 30th deadline.

Depending on the quality of the proposals, eftpos may divide the $2 million dollars across multiple charities. This is a great opportunity for non-for-profit startups to receive funding for their social cause.

Bruce Mansfield, eftpos Managing Director, says “It is very important for Australian companies like eftpos to get involved with charitable campaigns, and raise their commitment to helping Australian charities make a difference in the lives of Australians in need.”

Last year, eftpos donated $1 million to help fulfil Vision Australia’s ambition to build a new, world-class Seeing Eye Dog breeding and training centre in Melbourne. In 2011, $1 million was donated to The Salvos for a number of community programs across Australia.

eftpos conducted an online survey last year which revealed overwhelming community support for the company to direct the Giveback donation towards a charity assisting people with disabilities.

Out of the 40,000+ Australians who voted in the poll, 30 percent indicated their support for disability charities.

Mansfield says the company is looking for proposals that:

  • Have national reach;
  • Enable the charity to do something that it would not be able to do through traditional funding sources; and
  • Would not require recurrent annual funding.

After all the proposals have been submitted, Australia will be able to nominate which worthy cause should get the money.

This year’s Giveback campaign will run in the lead up to Christmas, and Australians will be asked to support the charities by pressing CHQ or SAV at the checkout.

For more information about the submission process visit www.eftposaustralia.com.au or email Warwick Ponder at wponder@eftposaustralia.com.au.