Fishwah, empowering kids to reach their goals

- August 19, 2013 < 1 MIN READ

Fishwah is a new Australian based startup that allows parents and children to work together in order to help them work together to achieve goals and milestones.

Portraits-Our-FamilyThe startup was founded by Natalie and Stephen Byrne after they noticed that their son was losing confidence and withdrawing from activities and had an irrational fear of dogs. After consulting with a psychologist and researching learning processes and behaviour they began to break down their sons fear by using a step by step method, and each step noticing his confidence got better and better.

The two then began to apply these same principles to other areas of their kids lives when it came to things like school or sport. Fishwah then came about as a tool allowing themselves and other parents who wanted to encourage and teach their kids about goal setting.

Fishwah is aimed at primary school aged children (5-12 years old). The level of parental involvement needed will depend on the age of the child, however the tool is designed to be used collaboratively with parents and children.

“Fishwah aims to teach kids to think more realistically and flexibly about the problems they encounter; along with reflection skills to learn from the past and skills to understand and manage their feelings and emotions” state the founders.

Fishwah offer parents a 90 day free trail before making a commitment to using the service allowing them to insure the tool is right for them and their families needs.