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Bigcommerce moves into the app-space

- August 27, 2013 < 1 MIN READ

Bigcommerce.com have just released their new iPhone app, allowing online retailers to run their stores on the go.

Be it an office, warehouse or the beach, e-commerce store owners can now tap into the app and manage their businesses effectively and efficiently. Not only that, Bigcommerce has also designed a new mobile-optimised site for non-iPhone users who still want the same benefits of managing their store on the go.

The push notification feature alerts merchants whenever an order is placed, regardless of where they are. The app also allows them to process orders, manage inventories, edit photos, access analytics and contact customers through call or email.


Not only was the app designed to save business owners time, but also to speed up the shopping process – making online retail a better experience for shoppers.

“Mobile penetration is through the roof for consumer apps like Facebook and Instagram and it’s no different for business apps,” says Mitchell Harper, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Bigcommerce.

The CEO adds, business owners no longer need to be “chained to their desks”; and the new iPhone app and mobile-friendly site are only the first of many applications that’ll be available in the market over the coming months to help online retailers run their businesses more easily.

The response thus far has been “incredible and based on the ratings in the app store, our nearly 40,000 clients are loving the app.”

The Bigcommerce iPhone App is available to download from the iPhone app store free of charge and the mobile-optimised site can be found at m.bigcommerce.com/admin.