Adelaide Startup Dealsealer gaining traction with Reverse Retailing

- August 16, 2013 2 MIN READ

Almost a month after its launch to consumers, more than 2500 businesses have signed up to the new Adelaide-based online marketplace and almost 5000 genuine leads have been generated.

Dealsealer managing director Kevin Weeks said, “We’re delighted with the response from the public since the launch, with thousands of requests processed and the number of businesses joining the site growing every day”.

Dealsealer works by connecting consumers with sellers – large and small. Customers go to the site and record their need for anything from a car to a bean bag or video game. The request is then sent to thousands of registered retailers, who have the opportunity to bid to win that business by offering their best deal for the consumer to consider and compare to other traders. Businesses can also advertise their own discount offers and instant deals on the site, further connecting the buying public with sellers specifically focused on their needs.

Being part of Dealsealer allows businesses to gain exposure, and no ‘cut’ is taken from deals purchased – a key differentiator from group discount buying sites. Businesses can either choose to sell through Dealsealer for free, or pay a minimal monthly subscription based on the number of offers and instant deals they put forward for buyers to consider.

Mr Weeks said the site had been designed to be a sustainable model for both the consumers wanting to buy, and the businesses extending their markets.

“The existing group buying model has come under attack, and we are looking with interest at how Scoopon fares against the allegations of the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission,” he said.

“Australians spent almost $14 billion with online retailers last year, and this figure is rising every year as households look for ways to beat the crunch. Households want to spend online, and all businesses need to pay attention. We want to bring them together for the benefit of both,” said Mr Weeks.

“That is also why we set out to do something different: for us, Dealsealer is about building something for the future, and not about the best revenue stream.”