Will this Social Enterprise be the new Etsy of Sexy?

- July 17, 2013 < 1 MIN READ

The above TEDx Talk by Cindy Gallop which took place a couple of months ago, was the follow up talk to a previous talk that went viral she did around the topic of sex and porn.

Her new venture MakeLoveNotPorn.com is an interesting new startup with a social mission to educate specifically the younger generations from late teens to mid-twenties about the realities of sex and the fact that porn is in fact not reality. It comes as society is silently facing an epidemic where porn is often used as the main reference for sex education amongst the younger generations, leading them to believe that a hairless, lubeless, hardcore overacted 20 minute scene finished off with a come facial is how things should be rolling – essentially distorting the way we as a society communicate about ourselves and sex.

Gallop’s venture which has recently gone through a capital raise is designed to not only disrupt the billion dollar porn industry but also promote it through proper education. Her site which is a curated library of users in their community engaging in real sex acts is monetised already and some of the biggest supporters are Gen Y porn stars. Realising that most young porn stars these days are actually extremely business savvy and entrepreneurial Gallop has formed strategic partnerships with many of them as part of her wider marketing strategy and they are helping by showing how different their real life sex is compared to that of those produced scenes on screen.

image: Posse Blog