When it comes to collaborative consumption, SPACE is the new trend

- July 3, 2013 < 1 MIN READ

There is a growing trend in the collaborative consumption space right now, that is taking a page right out of the very successful AirBnB model. Working spaces is the new commodity in the business world and small business owners are seeing it as a way to bring in someone else to help ease the financial pressure and give new businesses a leg up at a discounted rate when it comes to overheads.

Whilst sites like Gumtree have always been used to rent out spare rooms and desks, two new Aussie startups have launched recently that aim to dominate the spare office space market and both are gaining traction very quickly.

Airspaced founded by Simon Hanlon and Hot Desk founded by Steve Glaveski are tapping into a space that is being searched for by startups, consultants and freelancers over 18,000 times a month locally. Both sites offer short term and long term solutions for business owners seeking to get out of the home based office and into a more professional or creative environment.

“Small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups struggle with funding and cashflow and as a result are often unable or unwilling to sign on to expensive long-term commercial lease contracts” says Glaveski “We are able to take some of the pressure off by providing a platform to sub-lease surplus office space to prospective tenants, freeing up cash and working capital to re-invest in ongoing productivity and performance or hit the bottom line”