Water should be free according to this H2O Startup

- July 3, 2013 2 MIN READ

Four young Melbourne entrepreneurs are on a mission to make free, environmentally friendly bottled water a reality for Australians everywhere.

Joining the growing number of start-ups chasing the entrepreneurial dream of global success, 26 year-old Alex Chen, 24 year-old Caleb Ha, 24 year-old Hwi So and 26 year-old William Yau combined their experience in business and advertising to create Sirene Water.

Their organization aims to provide environmentally made bottled water free to Melbournians through regular handouts.

Working alongside like-minded businesses, advertising space available on the bottles to fund the production means the cost does not pass on to the consumers, while maintaining the team’s commitment to spreading social awareness on the issue of overpriced bottled water.

Their water used is both environmentally conscious and delicious, sourced from the natural springs of Queensland’s MacPherson Ranges before being packaged into oxo-biodegradable bottles.

This ensures that if not recycled, like the other 75% of plastic bottles that end up in landfill or local rivers every year, the bottle has the capability to break down 100 times faster than plastic bottles made using traditional production processes.

As one of the Co-founders of Sirene Water William Yau explains, environmental awareness and respect was a major element of the generation of their bottles.

“This process acts as an insurance policy for the earth if the bottles are not recycled and end up as litter in our waterways.” With the world’s bottled water industry recording a yearly growth rate of 4%, the team at Sirene Water realized the idea of renovating the industry to promote a positive message opposed to fostering corporate greed on the exploitation of a fundamental human need.

As the company’s Marketing Director Hwi So states,“We’re being realistic to the market trends and adapting to it rather than being wishful thinkers, to think that the industry will magically go away.”

Part of the company’s focus is dedicated to promoting awareness and shedding light on social issues, sparking conversations with some major charity organizations on a possible collaborative venture in the near future.

The team hopes that through their free water they can create a voice to spark a greater conversation with Australia’s youth about our social responsibility. These underlying values are prominent in the company’s marketing campaigns and the bottles itself, which feature different fun facts that shed light on current social issues.

Their mission to make sure everyone has access to environmentally friendly, free bottled water continues on Friday the 26th of July at Melbourne Central, where they’ll hold their next handout.