US based startup Everest launch in Australia, backed by some of USA’s most notable VC’s

- July 4, 2013 2 MIN READ

Everest is an iphone application that is all about encouraging users to achieve their life goals and dreams. What is interesting about the application is that when you set these goals, you also set yourself a time limit and track the steps you are taking to achieve that goal.

I have to admit, on face value I was nearly ready to dismiss this as one of those apps that nobody would be that interested in, basically my first thoughts were that it may be a fun app, but eventually most people would taper off their usage and eventually lose interest, after all when you compare the amount of apps there are to the one’s that actually create a sticky, daily engaged audience, they are few and far between.

I actually had a meeting set up with one of the founders to interview them over skype that I missed [I was actually stuck in traffic on the way home] but I didn’t contact them back to reconnect. I also hadn’t researched the company in any great depth at all and had no idea the following names were connected:


  • Peter Thiel
  • Scott Belsky
  • Alex Osterwalder
  • Bruno Bowden
  • Brian Oliver
  • Zac Zaitlin
  • Tabreez Verjee
  • Don Kendall
  • Joshua Spear
  • Khalid Itum
  • Robert Maylack
  • Bill Hessert
  • Eric Kroll
  • Dave Kashen


  • Peter Diamandis
    Founder of the X Prize Foundation and Singularity University, Author of Abundance
  • Andy Mutz
    PhD, CTO ScanR Inc and BeyondCore, Founder of Codesta, Software Engineer at HP & Kodak
  • Dave Blakely
    Director of Technology Strategy, IDEO
  • Tina Seelig
    Executive Director of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program
  • Jane McGonigal
    PhD, World-renowned gamification expert, TED Speaker, Author of “Reality is Broken,” CD of Social Chocolate, Superbetter
  • Kristina Pifer
    Highly sought-after product and UX expert with 15 years agency experience. Founder Hunybe
  • Yves Behar
    Founder of fuseprojects, CCO of Jawbone, Chief Industrial Designer of One Laptop per Child
  • Whitney Johnson
    Author “Dare, Dream, Do,” HBR Columnist, President of Clayton Christensen’s investment firm, TED Speaker

Needless to say I am pretty glad that the team behind this startup were pretty persistent in making sure we covered them on Shoe String because the app is in my view one of those sticky ones that is going to grow pretty fast across this country.

“This is a country of doers”, says co-founder and CEO Francis Pedraza, “so I am excited to see what Aussies will accomplish with Everest!”

From learning a new language, to getting in the best shape of their life, to teaching their kid how to ride a bike, Everest helps people break goals into smaller daily steps, get support and accountability, and beautifully capture their journey.

People have added over 1,000,000 steps to their goals since the app was first released in the United States in January. What I like most about the app though apart from the slick design and how easy it is to use are two particular features. [1] Being able to share goals publicly to keep you on track and [2] The way they have monetised the app by having brands and organisations set goals and challenges for users to complete, and doing it in a way that the integration of these brands is not unbearable, but really enjoyable!

The first Aussies who accomplish these goals on Everest will be recognized:

1. Attend a cricket match at the MCG in Melbourne

2. Run the Outback Marathon

3. Learn to scuba dive at the Great Barrier Reef

4. Snap a beautiful picture of Uluru

5. Taste a perfect pinot noir on Coal River

 Download the app from the app store.