Sydney Startup Bootcamp aims to unlock $109Bn of startup talent

- July 16, 2013 2 MIN READ

Startup incubator program Corporate to Freedom will be running a one-day startup bootcamp in Sydney on Saturday 27 July 2013. Their aim is to help corporate employees with entrepreneurial aspirations make a seamless transition between corporate life and their real dream of€“ owning and running a successful business.

Corporate to Freedom empowers high-potential corporate employees to try out entrepreneurship before quitting their day job, eliminating the risk from making an all-or-nothing gamble on their lives. The one-day bootcamp will see seven of Australia’s top startup experts coach budding businesspeople on how to get their dreams started.

A recent joint study by Google and PwC identified that by unlocking the unrealised entrepreneurial potential of 2000 employees, Australia’€™s GDP could increase by $109 billion! With this in mind, startup fanatic and founder of Corporate to Freedom, Johan du Plessis has set his sights on turbo-charging the Sydney startup scene.

Du Plessis says the process of transitioning from working as a corporate employee to becoming a new business owner needs to be made less risky in order to foster innovation and entrepreneurship.

Du Plessis said, “€œThere has never been a better time to start a business, but risk is still one of the biggest considerations. That’€™s why this course strongly advocates for the lower- risk approach.

“It’s much more realistic to stay in your day job for now, join a program where experienced entrepreneurs show you how to get started, test and experiment with some ideas while you still have the safety net of a regular salary. €œOnce you have tested a few ideas, found something that resonates with customers, and made a bit of money, then you can start to look at slowly scaling back time in your workplace and spending more time in your business,”€ Du Plessis said.

“€œAustralia’€™s future prosperity depends on innovation,”€ says Du Plessis. “We need new industries to be developed and to further the great work already being done in growing Australia’€™s reputation for business innovation.

“But we are only one piece of the puzzle. The greater economic prize promised by Google and PwC’€™s study will be won when we have an integrated Sydney startup scene that can grow successful businesses along each stage of the entrepreneurial cycle.”€

Speakers on the day include entrepreneur and international best-selling author Brian Sher and Paypal seed investor with $1.5bn exit, Peter Davidson. Sher is recognised as one of Australia’€™s top business advisors, while Davidson is a former venture capitalist and the co-founder of collaborative co-working space Fishburners.

Sher and Davison will join seven of Australia’€™s most successful entrepreneurs and business coaches at the one-day bootcamp, showing over 500 aspiring entrepreneurs how to get started on their next project. Attendees will be workshopping solutions to the 9 Key Stumbling Blocks faced when starting their own business.

Corporate to Freedom also offers structured 3-month and 12-month enabler programs where groups of budding entrepreneurs are guided step-by-step through the process of building their startup.

The bootcamp will take place on Saturday, 27 July, at the Scientia Building UNSW Kensington Campus, 9am-5pm. Tickets start at $217.

For more information, please visit www.corporatetofreedom.com

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