Small Business Owner launches the recruitment tool SMB's actually need!

- July 9, 2013 2 MIN READ

ConnectTalent.com.au a recruitment platform aimed at helping Small and Medium business find high quality professional recruiters at an affordbale rate launched yesterday in Sydney.

The startup uses an online digital marketplace model (think Freelancer, DesignCrowd) which is becoming increasingly popular with consumers. The SME / SMB sector has generally being ignored by the recruitment industry but as big business, their traditional customer base, has trended to internalise their recruitment functions of late, it has put considerable revenue pressures on recruitment firms.

Cameron McKay founder of ConnectTalent says “I think this model is a win-win for both businesses and the recruitment industry. Via our aggregated digital platform we are able to connect recruiters with businesses who need their service in a cost efficient way, one which individual recruitment firms would not be able to achieve on their own.’

The idea for the business started from a previous small business Cameron owned in the health and fitness sector “The one thing that is always consistent in business is that a business runs well and is profitable when you have great staff. Top quality staff for small business is the make or break, more so than any other factor. The trouble is if you’re a small or medium business, getting those quality candidates to apply for vacant positions is extremely difficult. Generally quality potential candidates already have a job and aren’t spending any time on job boards or linkedIn looking for a new one even if they are open to the idea. This is where a quality recruiter who has a good network and database of potential candidates can be invaluable to a business”

By providing the online platform and allowing business to list vacant positions ConnectTalent is hoping to drive a better deal in terms of cost of engaging a recruiter “If the recruiters haven’t spent hours and hours in the sales process looking for job listings but the employer has come to them I think it is reasonable to expect that the employer in most cases could receive a sizable discount”

ConnectTalent is hoping to cut in half the normal recruitment fee from around 20% to 10% of the starting salary. Although he is quick to point out this won’t always be the case as some skills are in much shorter supply than others “I wouldn’t expect recruiters who are able to source say highly experienced .net developers who are in extreme short supply to necessarily offer big discounts to businesses needing those skills as it may have taken that recruiter many many hours, weeks and even years to build a reputation of being the go to person for .net developers to find the top positions, its a pure marketplace we aren’t putting any restrictions on the recruiters because at the end of the day the ability for a business to fill a position quickly with a highly skilled person will always be better than save a few dollars during the recruitment process”

ConnectTalent is a platform which is able to service all industries and job titles in any area of Australia. For the launch they are only targeting businesses looking to fill permanent positions.