Melbourne sisters launch Fresh Vietnamese delivery service

- July 1, 2013 1 MIN READ

Food Entrepreneurs and By Two Sisters founders Thu and Thy Fampidi have just launched their range of healthy Vietnamese dishes, using fresh produce and packed with authentic flavours. The Melbourne-duo are wanting to making the eating of healthy, nutritious food easy for their customers, by offering purposely packaged meals that keep their freshness, taste, and shelf-life without needing preservatives.

Launching the business initially with a local focus, the pair deliver pre-made FRESH meals that have a shelf life of around 5 days to your home or workplace.

Drawing inspiration from the Vietnamese cooking of their mother and grandmothers, the By Two Sisters menu features all of the traditional favourites – rice paper rolls, salads, spring rolls, soups and more. Their Vietnamese creations are low in fat and high in protein and the pair have made sure they are focused on flavour and using fresh local ingredients.

“We are glad to have held on to the recipes passed down to us from our mother and grandmothers. Vietnamese food has always been known to be healthy and nutritious amongst its people and instead of keeping these delicious recipes and dishes to ourselves, we want to share it with the whole country.” says cofounder and Head Chef, Thu Fampidi.

The meals are reasonably priced and there is free delivery for orders over $150.00, this could be a barrier to fast growth for the pair as they start to look at widening their market place. However if you look at what people would usually spend a week on eating out or getting a sandwich for lunch in the city, and you go in with a partner / flatmate / workmate on a weekly basis for this. It becomes quite an economical way for busy people to get healthy, fresh food fast on a daily basis.