Female Business Leaders unite to launch new book 500 Words of Wisdom

- July 23, 2013 < 1 MIN READ

Sarah Liu, founder of Little Girl Big Dream is delighted to announce the launch of book 500 Words of
Wisdom on success and leadership.

Over the past year, Sarah has gathered twenty three of Australian’s most successful Business Women to contribute 500 words each, empowering and equipping young women to pursue their dreams.

Contributors include: Kristina Karlsson – Founder and Creative Director for kikki K, Pip Marlow – Managing Director of
Microsoft Australia, Lorna Jane Clarkson – Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Lorna Jane, Maryanne Shearer –
Founder and CEO of T2, Jayne Hrdlicka – Group CEO of Jetstar, Jacinta Tynan – News Presenter and Journalist, and
Catriona Noble – CEO of McDonalds Australia.

“With the launch of this book, I aim to see more young women rise up to leadership positions and be ambitious in any pursuit. The driving force for me can be summed up in four simple words – More Women In Leadership. This is not a book with a purpose, but a purpose that begins with a book, 500 Words of Wisdom marks the beginning of a movement that will revolutionise our corporate landscape. This is our lean-in movement in Australia” says Liu.

Given the recent stats that came out yesterday regarding young single males still being a companies employee of choice, the work Liu is doing by launching this movement here in Australia has never been more important.