Brisbane startup breaks into the Big Apple

- July 8, 2013 < 1 MIN READ

Brisbane pioneers of an industry first customer satisfaction survey tool, Client Heartbeat opened a New York office this month. Unprecedented demand from United States customers and the significant
rise in enquiries worldwide spurred the decision to add a full-time team member in New York.

Founded in August 2012, Client Heartbeat only came out of beta in February 2013 and is on track for 500 customers by December. Gordon Tan, Founder and Director of Client Heartbeat, said his unique algorithm looks at past scores against industry data, and determines whether a customer is at risk of leaving.

“We’ve taken a very lean approach to development and marketing,” Mr. Tan said.“Every new feature needs to be validated and have real people wanting it. We’ve just rolled out integration with Salesforce on the back of feedback from customers,” he said.

Client Heartbeat is leagues ahead of other customer survey tools because it monitors feedback over a period of time to bring about real intelligence and actionable insights. Companies import their contacts, send out automated surveys, and get all the data back in a simple, intuitive dashboard.

“We flag unhappy customers on the dashboard and let you know why,” Mr. Tan said. Whatever they’re doing, it seems to be working. The company reported 15 new inquiries a week, with lots of companies in the United States interested in the product.