Bluechilli release version 5 of StartRail Map: A Look at Sydney's Startup ecosystem

- July 26, 2013 < 1 MIN READ

The BlueChilli Startrail Startup map has come a long way since the launch of version 1 in December 2011, since then it has since been spotted in the Australian headquarters of big corporates such as PwC and Microsoft, it’s printed up in the office of Small Business of the NSW Government, the Universities have it printed and the map has made it’s way over to the big VC houses in Silicon Valley.

For those of you looking at the map and thinking “Where the Hell am I?” – Putting this kind of thing together is a HUGE task that needs many contributors, if you are in Sydney and think you should be there, make sure you provide Bluechilli with the information for the next version!

Click the file below to Download!