Aussie startup "teamgage" partner with US firm to scale customer growth

- July 18, 2013 < 1 MIN READ
Aussie startup “teamgage” partner with US firm to scale customer growth

Australian startup teamgage founded by Ben and Noelle Smit is aiming to turn managers of businesses around the world into mind readers.

The solution is aiming to be the smartest way to reduce staff turnover and improve employee engagement. By turning anonymous employee feedback into targeted results, the startup assists managers of all levels to improve team performance, reduce staff turnover and create a better workplace for everyone.

Teamgage is about to commence their beta trials and will leverage the partnership with METRIX Capital Group to bring on US based companies and supply a funding platform for growth.

“We are genuinely thrilled to be working with Metrix Capital Group to expand our reach and improve the lives of employees around the world. We will be expanding our product in the next few months to provide even more benefits to people managers in a wide variety of industries, and our partnership with Metrix Capital is a key piece in this global strategy,” said Noelle Smit.

“Ben and Noelle have developed something very special. Typically, when you realize that an employee is unhappy, it is already too late. Measuring the the engagement of employees has an immense impact in being able to get ahead of the employee turnover curve. Teamgage has developed a great interactive tool that provides extreme value for companies of all sizes,” said Jeff Brannon, CEO of METRIX Capital Group.

Teamgage co-founder Ben Smit has previously developed a successful SaaS product, UniOne by Code360, used by over 10 University organizations and over 100,000 members around Australia. Teamgage plans to monetize using a similar SaaS model. Teamgage is on track to complete beta testing this Summer and plans for a full launch by the end of 2013.