The 2am Google Tango

- June 26, 2013 < 1 MIN READ

It’s 2am, and whilst I told myself that I was going to be in bed by 10pm so I would wake up tomorrow morning refreshed and invigorated for what will inevitably be a very busy day ahead, I am doing [yet again] the 2am Google Tango.

I am [and I would imagine many reading this would be] up googling phrases like “How do I get more people to engage in my content” or “How to make a competition go viral” – You see even sites like this one struggle with the same problems that online startups have. We are trying to launch a new approach to advertising at the moment, making it more interactive; case in point = the Virtual Assistant Campaign that we have running on the site. And although:

Yes. I am impatient.

Yes. It has only been live for 48 hours.

It is frustrating the hell out of me that it is not engaging readers in the way that I originally thought that it would. You see the mechanism is there for it to be shared and have a certain “virality”, but the first adopters and leaders of the pack are not engaging, the bait is not being taken and now I am up scrawling the interwebs for the “fix it” the “secret weapon” that is gonna make things go BOOM! Traction!

I am used to ideas not working out within this business now, but I really thought this one would be a hit straight off the bat. Bummer, time to start A/B Testing and Tweaking.

Anyone else going through the same / similar thing?