Senator Christine Milne not a fan of new Startup “Hate You Cards”

- June 17, 2013 2 MIN READ

There will be many people that will probably not be too fond of startup Hate You Cards and perhaps even go as far to say that it encourages bullying. That is what Green’s Leader, Senator Christine Milne’s reaction was last week when Business Insider published they were looking to raise $10,000. Whilst this negativity about their new venture was expected, the three founders David Boulton, Andy Longworth and Jethro Batts are positioning the business in a way that they are spreading the love, with hate.


The concept of the app that was created and took out the title at Sydney’s recent Angel Hack event is that in Australia there is a culture amongst family and friends of playful abuse, which is really an Aussie oddball way of us showing affection to each other. I know personally this is extremely true with my close group of friends & family members, either that or I am just hanging out with some real arseholes.

“We abuse and insult our close friends and family because it’s the Australian way of showing affection. Who honestly goes all the way to the newsagent, buys one of those light pink cards which says “Gee you’re just a tops best friend” and gifts it without any sarcasm? Nobody, that’s who” say the founding trio.

It’s both a website and also a native phone application which allows you to create and send postcards directly from your device to your dead shit friends. You don’t even need to put pants on to do it. Simply enter some abuse, take a photo to back it up (or choose from your gallery), then post it off. In a matter of days it’ll arrive at your friend’s address.

Along with the hard-copy cards you’ll be sending and receiving, you’ll also have unlimited access to the online versions so you can share them around. They’ll also be organised in your very own inbox inside the app. The site is currently in BETA and you can create and send digital cards at the moment with hard copy offerings going live in August.

The team who were also the winners of the recent Sydney Angel Hack event, will be representing the city in Silicon Valley with the startup, it will be interesting to see how the Australian sarcastic humour goes down in what is a pretty un-sarcastic environment that are more cheer than sneer when it comes to mates and family.