Hacker School Students begin to launch their projects

- June 10, 2013 < 1 MIN READ

Students from Sydney Dev Camp, the first Australian “hacker” school, have launched several new applications as part of the 10 week intensive training program.

Just seven weeks ago, the students were beginner programmers, yet now they have launched five new web applications.“It just goes to show how Ruby on Rails is such a great language, even people with no programming experience can learn to build applications in a very short time,” says Peter Argent, the programme’s tech director and instructor.

Spothunt connects meetup organisers who are looking for a venue for their events to venue owners. Venue owners can list their available spaces which will then be shown on a map.

Codetry is an exhibition space for code poets all over the world. It allows people to create, read and vote on their favourite code poems.

Rails for Snails provides a platform for learning Ruby on Rails in a team, either with your friends, or with people from around the world.

Hiring Book shows off the students and their projects. Created as a site to attract potential employers, the students have created a profile for themselves and the applications they have created. Danila Davidson, the founder of SDC remarked, “With still one more weeks to go until the end of the programme, I am really excited to see the students’ final projects.”

Applications for Sydney Dev Camp’s next programme, which starts on July 8th, are now open. Anyone who is interested in finding out more about the web application development school can attend the Open House and Information Evening being held at the school on Thursday, 13th June.

For more information on the event and to register: